Academic Recovery Program

The Academic Recovery Program is a mandated academic support program aimed at assisting undergraduate students on academic probation and those reinstated after suspension.  By adopting a holistic approach, the program strives to enhance student outcomes. Our goal is to equip students with essential resources for academic achievement, empowering them to overcome educational challenges and realize their full potential.

Learning Strategies
Learning Strategies for Academic Success is a three-credit compulsory academic support course for undergraduate students on academic probation and those reinstated following suspension.  The course encourages effective academic habits while focusing on fostering efficient academic and social practices, with participants identified each term through the Banner system.

Success Coaching & Academic Success Plans
The Success Coaching and Academic Success Plans Program provides one-on-one consultations with probationary students to help them identify the challenges they are facing and design an individualized plan to work towards academic achievement.  Our program is centered on a holistic approach to student success, focusing on academic performance, personal well-being, and self-care.

Our success coaches aim to create a supportive and empowering relationship with students, helping them to identify their strengths and opportunities for growth.  Through this process, the student and their coach will develop strategies to improve academic performance, such as time management, study skills, and effective communication with professors.  

The success plan created for each student is unique to their particular needs and goals.  It provides a clear roadmap for achieving success, outlining specific steps and timelines to improve academic standing.  Regular follow-up consultations ensure that students are on track and making progress.  Ultimately, our program is designed to help students regain their academic footing, build confidence, and create long-term success habits. 

Recruit Back Program
The Recruit Back Program is aimed at assisting undergraduate students who were previously enrolled but did not register for the upcoming term. The program’s goal is to comprehend the students’ individual requirements for academic success and provide personalized support to encourage their return to the university. The Recruit Back team endeavors to identify any hurdles that may have prevented students from registering and address them. The program focuses on providing a supportive and empathetic approach to assist students in overcoming obstacles and successfully returning to the university.