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Student Request for Accommodations

In order to begin the accommodation request process, a student must fill out and submit the Request For Accommodations Form below. It is important to note that filling out this form does not guarantee that the accommodation(s) requested will be granted. Accommodations are determined by the Center for Disability Resources (CDR) by a thorough review of the student’s medical documentation, an interactive conversation with the student, and the reasonableness of the request within the context of the University. The student must submit signed documentation from a licensed medical/mental health professional. These steps are required in order for the CDR to determine whether the student would be considered a person with a disability at Delaware State University and what reasonable accommodations they may or may not qualify for. The requested accommodation needs to be specific to the functional limitations.

Medical/mental health documentation can be uploaded with the form below or can be emailed to cdr [at] desu.edu. Once documentation and the Student Request for Accommodations Form have been received, the next step is to schedule an interactive conversation with the CDR.

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