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"Nam" cast members (seated l-r) Henry Green (Gen. Chappie James), Terry Gregg (Lt. Commander Thomas Cutler), Mark Harris (Charles "Butch" Harmon), with playwright/director Dr. Donald A. Blakey above them.

  The Drama "Nam" to be Performed at DSU Nov. 10-11

Delaware State University will present the dramatic production “Nam” that tells the story of a DSU connection to the Vietnam War, in 7 p.m. performances on Sunday and Monday, Nov. 10-11 in the Education & Humanities Theatre on campus.

"Nam" is written and directed by DSU alumnus Dr. Donald A. Blakey.

The production is free and open to the public.
Musical play, written and directed by DSU alumnus Dr. Donald Blakey, tells the story of two Delaware State College students -- Larry Fletcher Potts and Charles "Butch" Harmon who, on a bet with each other, enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corp as officers after their 1969 DSC graduation. While both served in Vietnam, only one of them returned home alive.
Potts was in a reconnaissance plane that was shot down. He and other members of the flight survived and initially had radio contact with their unit. But ultimately Potts was missing in action. His remains were never found.
Dr. Blakey research this true story through correspondence from Potts, as well as by interviewing family members and Charles "Butch" Harmon, who currently resides in Milford.
The cast of local actors include Delores Blakey, Ruth Shelton, Pat Randolph, Henry Greene, Terry Gregg, Rev. John Moore, Rev. Ted Henderson, Nina Spencer, Mark Harris and Robert White.  The production will also feature the music of the DSU Jazz Ensemble, which will perform nostalgic songs from artists such as Sam & Dave, Tina Turner, Tower of Power and others.