Winter financial aid is usually limited to Federal Pell Grant and Federal Direct Loans.

A separate winter application is required. Students must be registered for winter courses prior to submitting the winter application.

The Federal Pell Grant is offered automatically to all eligible students, even if they do not submit a winter application.

Delaware State University’s financial aid year includes the following terms: fall, winter, spring, and summer. Because the winter term falls in the middle of the year between fall and spring semesters, most students already have an academic year financial aid package that covers living expenses for the winter session.  Thus most students cost of attendance for winter will only include expenses for tuition, fees, and books. Winter costs associated with tuition, fees, and books will be added to students’ fall cost of attendance. The winter cost of attendance is calculated based on the information supplied on the winter application.

Eligible students are emailed information regarding their offer. Fall financial aid will be increased due to winter enrollment.

Financial aid disbursements will begin on the first day of the student’s winter class, if all disbursement requirements  are met.