Who Are We


The mission of Delaware State University (DSU) Testing, Services and Programs (TSP) unit is to assist DSU students and its surrounding community in the assessment of knowledge, skills and abilities through the use of written and computerized assessments, testing instruments and other programming outlets. TSP services and program components support students and all university departments by providing resources that promote academic success and career readiness.

Testing Services and Programs is committed to promoting an innovative and diverse environment that encourages student and stakeholder growth and development by providing quality services to our DSU community and surrounding areas of the Delmarva and Mid-Atlantic Regions.


Our vision is to provide integrated testing services that will serve our DSU community and the surrounding areas in the Mid-Atlantic region. TSP offers a variety of credentialing certification exams and customized career readiness platforms facilitated through vendor and strategic partnerships that enable participants to meet challenges of a rapidly changing and highly competitive global workforce economy. Areas targeted are professional and technical industry, occupational testing and credentialing, academic and student success workshops and soft skills acquisition.


TSP has over 200 vendors and offers 83,000 credentialing exams. TSP subscribes to the testing guidelines, standards and procedures of the National College Testing Association. (NCTA) and is part of the Consortium of College Testing Centers (CTCC). TSP is a national certified testing center.


Testing Services and Programs is committed to promoting quality customer service and student success.  TSP is your choice for full-service testing, professional development and credentialing exam platforms.