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Alumni Scholarships

To determine the status of additional scholarship funds, for applications, or for more information, visit our scholarships page and check out what fits you best. DSU tries to help our students meet their financial needs (Financial Need = Cost of Attendance – Expected Family Contribution). In addition to scholarships, students in need of additional educational funds might consider:

  • Contacting businesses, civic organizations, fraternal or religious organizations to ask if they offer scholarships
  • Speaking to high school administrative or counseling staff about available scholarships
  • Contacting a local library for further resource information
  • Researching the World Wide Web for helpful sites such as www.fastweb.com


Information regarding the availability, nature and criteria of alumni scholarships may change without notice. For this reason, interested persons are advised to verify all information through the Scholarship Office before applying.

Scholarships are also sponsored by individual alumni and organizations. To obtain a more comprehensive listing, or for more information about other types of financial aid, consult the University Catalogs.

Visit the Financial Aid Office located in the Administration Building, or visit the scholarships page.