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Delaware State University's Victor McMillian explain his research poster to an inquiring person. Mr. McMillian's poster won 1st Place in the Neuroscience category of the University 2022 Summer Research Symposium.
In this photo: Delaware State University’s Victor McMillian explain his research poster to an inquiring person. Mr. McMillian’s poster won 1st Place in the Neuroscience category of the University 2022 Summer Research Symposium.
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University’s 2022 Summer Research Symposium – Photos

Monday, August 1, 2022

The science excellence of Delaware State University students at the institution’s 2022 Summer Research Symposium.

Held July 28 at the nearby Delaware Agricultural Museum, Delaware State University students as well as other outside university and high school students exhibited their research posters.

For images of the research poster exhibition, click on the below link:


Of the 56 research posters exhibited, the following students and their works won honors in their specific categories:



1st place – Rianna Minter, Ian Smith & Zymir Robinson of Delaware State University

Title: Design and Construction of CD44-Intracytoplasmic Domain (CD44-ICD) Deletion Mutant Expression Vectors for Studies of the CD44-ICD-Mediated Signaling Pathway – Program: INBRE/U-RISE

2nd place - Zachary Riggi of Delaware State University

Title: Evaluating Species Diversity at Oyster Sites Utilizing Underwater Cameras in Rehoboth Bay, Delaware. Program: WiCCED/CIBER


3rd place (Tie) – Akira Davis of Delaware State University

Title: Characterization of isolates found in selected natural openings of pig carrion during the Bloated Stage of decomposition. Program: U-RISE.

3rd place (Tie) – Areli Martinez of Delaware State University

Title: The Effects of Violet Light or Combined with Infra-red on Terminating the Growth of Escherichia coli. Program: INBRE.


4th place (Tie) – Mia Jones of Delaware State University

Title: Metagenomic Analysis Of Bacterial Communities Derived From Marsh Grass  (Sporobolus Alterniflorus) In Varying Salt Concentrations. Program WiCCED/CIBER

4th place (Tie) – Chikezie Ikwuagwu of Delaware State University

Title: Toward the Development of a Sensitive COVID-19 Lateral Flow Antibody Test. Program: INBRE


Category – Physics/Engineering

1st place (Tie) – Lawrence Taylor of Delaware State University

Title: Synchronous Optical Pumping in Rubidium 87 Vapor for Magnetic Field Measurement – Program: AQS


1st place (Tie) – Berl Eddlie Brillant of Delaware State University

Title: Photothermal Mirror Spectroscopy of Silicon Using An Optical Parametric Oscillator  Program: HBCU-UP/EiR


2nd place – Robin Depto of Delaware State University

Title: Laser Frequency Stabilization using Proportional-Integral Control and Linewidth Measurement – Program: AQS


3rd place – Ryan Bischot of Delaware State University

Title: Precision Calibrations of Infrared Laser-based CO2 Sensor – Program: NSF SLIP




1st place – Victor McMillian of Delaware State University

Title: Microinjection of Vamp2 Dn Astrocytes into The Chicken Optic Tectum and Its Effect on Neuronal Network Activity. Program: NINDS


2nd place – Priya Jayakumar of Case Western University

Title: Decreasing Astrocyte Activity by Blocking Group I Metabotropic Glutamate Receptors – Program: NINDS


3rd place – Kennedi Watson of Delaware State University

Title: The Impact of Traumatic Brain Injuries on Insomnia and Generalized Anxiety Disorder Among Newly Enlisted Soldiers. Program: INBRE.



1st place - Nikhita Karthikesan of Poolesville High School, Poolesville, Md, Molecular Analysis In Wheat (Triticum Durum) –

Title: Identification of Salt Associated Genes by Molecular Analysis in Wheat (Triticum Durum). Program: WICCED/ CIBER


2nd place - Ifti Iftekhar Ahmed of Middletown High School, Middletown, Del.

Title: Colorimetric PCR-Based detection of Vibrio parahaemolyticus using the HRPzyme. Program: WICCED/CIBER


3rd place - Sreeprada Alladi of Hatboro-Horsham Senior High School, Horsham, Pa.

Title: Validation of Drought Genes in Common Bean (Phaseolus Vulgaris). Program: WICCED/CIBER