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Oral and poster presentations were featured on April 27 in which students showed the fruits of their research internship labors.
In this photo: Oral and poster presentations were featured on April 27 in which students showed the fruits of their research internship labors.
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Research Presentations & Poster event in Mishoe Science Ctr.

Thursday, April 27, 2023

A group of University science students showed the immense value of research internships during an April 27 poster and presentation event on the first floor of the Mishoe Science Center.

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The following students presented their research:

  • Erica Acox – “The Antimicrobial Properties of Ultra-Violet and Infrared Light against Proteus Mirabilis.” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Anthea Aikins.
  • Kylie Bond – “The potential properties of violet and infrared lights on selected Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria.” Faculty mentor: Dr. Anthea Aikens.
  • Isaiah Brooks and Tyler Petersen – “Triple mutant ALS model displays age-dependent changes in motor function and reduce lifespan.” Faculty mentor: Dr. Michael Gitcho.
  • Winter Charles – “The Role of Caspase-3 on Mitochondrial Morphology.” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Brian R. McNaughton.
  • Benjamin Church – “Using Drosophila as a Model to Study Environmental Toxicity Relevant to Parkinson’s Disease.” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Hakeem Lawal.
  • Victoria Croston – “Phenotypic Analysis of Six Triple Negative Breast Cancer Cell Lines Derived from African American and European American Women.” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Karl Miletti-Gonzalez.
  • Jada Dallas – “Membrane protein (mGluR) present within astrocytes and role in Neuronal Synchrony.” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Murali Temburni.
  • Esther Daniel – “Transfection of Breast Cancer Cell Lines with CD44-Intracytoplasmic Domain Deletion Mutant Constructs for Studies of the CD44-ICD-Mediated Signaling Pathway.” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Karl Miletti-Gonzalez.
  • Akira Davis – “The use of visible and infrared light sources to address antibiotic resistence in Pseudomonas aeruginosa.” Faculty mentor: Dr. Anthea Aikins.
  • Morgan Dowling – “Spontaneous Neuronal Activity in Cerebellum and Thalamus of Spinal Muscular Atrophy Mice.” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jianli Sun.
  • Cierra R. Faries – “Cell Surface B-Lactamase Recruitment: A Facile Selection to Identify Macromolecular Interactions.” Faculty mentor: Dr. Brian R. McNaughton.
  • Chayse Ford – “Increased Expression of Heat Shock Protein 27 May Reduce TDP-43 Expression.” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Michael Gitcho.
  • Geligne Franklin – “Characterization of Microbial Isolates in Selected Natural Openings of Decomposed Pigs.” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Anthea Aikins.
  • Taylor Gardine – “Analyzing growth rates of the P47S and Y107H p53 Hypomorphs in HCT116 cell lines.” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Erin M. Perchiniak.
  • Da’Jae Grigsby-Buckner – “Presence of SNARE protein Vamp2 within Astrocytes.” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Murali Temburni.
  • Jasmine Guye – “Computational study of Single Point Mutation That Destabilize Retinoblastoma Protein.” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Shahidul M. Islam.
  • Brieana Hallo – “Thalamus Neurodegeneration Study in the SMNA7 Mouse Model of Spinal Muscular Atrophy.” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jianli Sun.
  • Taquana Hordge – “Preliminary Study on Microplastics Pollution in Delaware Beach Sand.” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Qiquan Wang.
  • Kayla Howell – ” A novel NOX inhibitor alleviates Parkinson’s disease pathology in PFF-injected mice.” Faculty mentor: Dr. Yong-Hwan Kim.
  • Kaiyla James – “Hemp oil use as a alternative to chitosan.” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kimberly Milligan.
  • Arya Kumbampuzha – “A Novel NOX Inhibitor as a Potential Therapeutic for Alleviating Parkinson’s Disease Pathology.” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Yong-Hwan Kim.
  • Y. Lopez – “FTIR and Raman Spectra of Concentrated Carbohydrate Solutions.” Faculty mentor: Dr. Hacene Boukari.
  • Imani Mathurin – “Using Scavenger Hunts in Grocery Stores to Promote Parent-Child Conversation.” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Rachel Pulverman.
  • Olivia Matthews – “Physiological Variations Observed in Lab Maintained Strains of Serratia marcescens.” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kevin E. Shuman.
  • Eliana McCray – “Potential antimicrobial properties of selected visible and infrared lights on Serratia marcescens.” Faculty mentor: Dr. Anthea Aikins.
  • Yahira Rivera – “Assessment of Prostate Cancer Cell Line C4-2 Cell Viability Treated with a Prunus africana Methanolic Extract.” Faculty mentor: Dr. Karl E. Miletti-Gonzalez.
  • Maxine Robinson and Maria A. Carattini Colon – “Raman Spectra of Amino Acids and Proteins.” Faculty mentor: Dr. Hacene Boukari.
  • Dylan J. Molineaux – “Computational Screening, Molecular Dynamics and Binding Affinity Calculation to identify Single Point Mutations That Destabilize Tumor Suppression Protein Tp53.” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Shahidul M. Islam.
  • Ian Smith and Rianna Minter – “Design and Construction of CD$$-Intracytoplasmic Domain (CD$$-ICD) Deletion Mutant Expression Vectors for Studies of the CD44-ICD-Mediated Signaling Pathway.” Faculty mentor: Dr. Karl E. Miletti-Gonzalez.
  • Mikael Taylor – “Synaptobrevin (VAMP2) spatial location within astrocytes.” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Murali Temburni.
  • Olivia T. Weeks – “Characterization of Growth of Bacillus ssp. Isolates.” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kevin E. Shuman.

The research internships were part of either the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the Undergraduate Research Training Initiative for Student Enhancement, or the IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence programs.