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Follett Access

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Delaware State University is offering a program that ensures students get the course materials they need to succeed more conveniently and affordably.

Follett Access courses are listed below.  If your course is Follett Access your course materials will be available through Blackboard or in an email via Brytewave sent to your desu.edu shortly before classes begin.  The exception to these is courses Nursing 204, Nursing 311, Nursing 314 and Nursing 316 which are hard copies of course materials that will need to be picked up at the main campus bookstore.

Course Section(s)   Delivery
ACCT 204 01,02,03,04,90 Blackboard
ACCT 302 01,02,O1 Blackboard
ACCT 305 1 Blackboard
ACCT 311 90 Blackboard
ACCT 402 01,O1 Blackboard
ACCT 460 1 Blackboard, and Brytewave
ART 101 All Brytewave
BIOL 102 All Blackboard
BIOL 111 All Blackboard
BIOL 208 01,40,41,42,43,44,45,47,O1,O2,O3 Blackboard
BIOL 210 1 Blackboard
BIOL 322 01,02 Blackboard
BIOL 370 1 Blackboard
EDUC 223 All Brytewave
FREN 101/102/202 All Blackboard
GLOB 395 All Brytewave
KINE 101 All Brytewave
KINE 110 All Brytewave
MGMT 100 All Blackboard
MGMT 300 All Blackboard
MIS 105 All Blackboard
MTSC 107 All Blackboard
MTSC 203 All Blackboard
MTSC 241 All Blackboard
NURS 204 All In Store Pickup
NURS 310 All In Store Pickup
NURS 311 All In Store Pickup
NURS 314 All In Store Pickup
NURS 316 All In Store Pickup
POLS 103 All Blackboard
POLS 230 All Blackboard
PSYC 201 All Blackboard
PSYC 207 All Blackboard
PSYC 308 All Blackboard
PSYC 320 All Blackboard
PSYC 416 All Blackboard
SPAN 101/102/202 All Blackboard
UNIV Seminar 191 All Brytewave
UNIV Seminar 192 All Brytewave

Benefits to students:

  • Costs for all required books will be included in students’ bills. These costs can be part of payment plans or financial aid.
  • When students have their books at the start of class, they are likely to succeed.
  • Students will know up front the full cost of classes.

Please visit the bookstore, or email FollettAccess [at] desu.edu with questions about this program.

Students who wish to decline Follet Access, may do so by email FollettAccess [at] desu.edu