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The Office of Adult and Continuing Education (ACE)  offers life-long learning opportunities customized training, graduate prep sessions, non-credit programs (certificate and certifications), training workshops and seminars in a face to face and/or online format.

ACE outreach efforts are statewide, available to the public, and are accomplished through special learning activities for corporate, international professional development and personal enrichment.  Our youth enrichment programs are designed for participation year-round.  All ACE programming is designed to adapt to changing technological and workforce development needs through careful assessment and strategic planning.   

Our customized employee training and professional development programs/workshops are developed to fit your needs to provide job retention and build upon the success of your company.

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Online Professional Development Courses

Online Professional Development Courses

We offer a variety of online professional development courses through our education partners listed here.


UGotClass Online Courses Website


  • Certificate in Bookkeeping: (Ave. hours 48; Cost: $495.00)
  • Certificate in Accounting and Finance for Non-Financial Managers: (Ave. hours 48; Cost: $495.00)
  • Certificate in Data Analysis: (Ave. hours 48; Cost $495.00)
  • Certificate in Sales: (Avg. hours 48; Cost: $495.00)
  • Certificate in Entrepreneurship: (Ave. hours 48; Cost: $195.00)
  • Certificate in Productivity: (Ave. hours 48; Cost: $595.00)

Business Communication

  • Certificate in Basic Game Design: (Ave. hours 32; Cost: $395.00)
  • Certificate in Business Writing: (Ave. hours 48; Cost: $495.00)
  • Certificate in Customer Service: (Ave. hours 32; Cost: $245.00)
  • Certificate in Presentation Media: (Ave. hours 48; Cost: $495.00)
  • Certificate in Basic Game Design: (Ave. hours 32; Cost: $395.00)
  • Certificate in Workplace Communication: (Ave. hours 56; Cost: $595.00)


  • Spanish for Medical Professionals: (Ave. hours 32; Cost: $290.00)

Human Resources

  • Applying Lean Sigma Practices to HR Functions: (Ave. hours 16; Cost: $245.00)
  • Business Coaching Certificate *Only Available as a Certificate: (Ave. hours 32; Cost: $395.00)
  • Key Essentials for Conducting Workplace Investigations: (Ave. hours 16; Cost: $195.00)
  • Strategic Project Management Skills for Human Resource Professionals: (Ave. hours 16; Cost: $245.00)
  • Your Workplace, Your Employees & The Law: (Ave. hours 16; Cost: $195.00)


  • Certificate in Leadership Development (For Gen Y): (Ave. hours 48; Cost: $395.00)
  • Spanish for Medical Professionals: (Ave. hours 32; Cost: $290.00)


  • Beyond Raising Awareness: Strategy and Evaluation of Advocacy Efforts: (Ave. hours 16; Cost: $195.00)
  • Certificate in Non-Profit Administration: (Ave. hours 48; Cost: $595.00)
  • Certificate in Project Management: (Ave. hours 48; Cost: $495.00)
  • Management Certificate: (Ave. hours 48; Cost: $595.00)
  • Managing Social Change Certificate: (Ave. hours 48; Cost: $495.00)
  • Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate: (Ave. hours 48; Cost: $495.00)
  • Supervisory & Leadership Certificate: (Ave. hours 32; Cost: $395.00)
  • Workplace Conflict Solutions Certificate (Ave. hours 48; Cost: $495.00)

New Media Marketing

  • Google Analytics: (Ave. hours 16; Cost: $195.00)
  • Digital Marketing Certificate: (Ave. hours 48; Cost: $495.00)
  • Mastering Video Marketing: (Ave. hours 32; Cost: $395.00)
  • Podcasting: (Ave. hours 16; Cost: $245.00)

Personal Development

  • For Parents of Boys: (Ave. hours 16; Cost: $95.00)

Social Media For Business

  • Instagram for Business: (Ave. hours 16; Cost: $195.00)
  • Facebook for Business: (Ave. hours 16; Cost: $245.00)
  • Social Media for Business Certificate: (Ave. hours 48; Cost: $495.00)

Technology Skills

  • Certificate in Mastering Excel: (Ave. hours 48; Cost: $495.00)
  • Certificate in Web Design: (Ave. hours 48; Cost: $595.00)
  • Coding Certificate: (Ave. hours 48; Cost: $595.00)
  • Graphic Design Software Essentials Certificate: (Ave. hours 48; Cost: $545.00)
  • Mastering Computer Skills for the Workplace: (Ave. hours 16; Cost: $195.00)
  • Programming for Non-Programmers Certificate: (Ave. hours 48; Cost: $495.00)
  • WordPress Certificate: (Ave. hours 48; Cost: $495.00)

Training and Education

  • Certificate in Online Teaching: (Ave. hours 48; Cost: $495.00)
  • Certificate in Teaching Adults: (Ave. hours 32; Cost: $295.00)

Training and Education

  • Certificate in Learning Styles: (Ave. hours 48; Cost: $495.00)
  • Substitute Teacher Preparation: (Ave. hours 16; Cost: $145.00)
  • Talking Circles: A Restorative Approach to Student Discipline: (Ave. hours 16; Cost: $195.00)


Ethical Consideration for Client Welfare and Cultural Diversity

Delaware State University’s Department of Psychology is offering behavioral healthcare providers a 3-hour online ethics training on Ethical Consideration foe Client Welfare and Cultural Diversity. This online ethics training is comprised of a power point presentation and a 20-question exam. The training is timed to last exactly 3 hours, and you must complete it in one sitting. A certificate will be provided upon completion of the training. The (3) Continuing Education Hours. Delaware Certificate Board Approved.

Location: Online | Student Tuition: $50

TESOL Online Graduate Certificate

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages/Bilingual Education

The Online Graduate Certificate in TESOL is designed to provide students with fundamental skills and entry-level credentials for teaching English to speakers of other languages. The program prepares students to teach non-native speakers of English community programs, language schools and other similar programs both in the United States and internationally.

Cost: $500 per credit hour

Learn More:

Virtual Education Software (VESI)

Professional Enhancement Training for K-12 Educators

These graduate level online continuing education interactive courses provide expert instruction at a pace that fits your schedule. They are relevant to the significant educational and social issues in today’s schools, as well as to the requirements you need to meet for re-licensure or career advancement.

To register please visit: https://www2.registerblast.com/desu/Checkin/Register?Group=205392

 Available Courses:

  • Attention Deficit Disorder: CEUs: 3 Cost: $315.00  
  • Autism & Asperger’s Disorder: CEUs: 3 Cost: $315.00  
  • Educational Assessment: CEUs 3 Cost: $315.00 
  • Build School Communities: Brain Smart Classroom Management: CEUs 3 Cost: $315
  • Harassment, Bullying & Cyber-Intimidation in Schools:  CEUs: 3 Cost: $315.00 
  • Inclusion:  CEUs: 3 Cost: $315.00  
  • Reading & Writing in Content Areas: CEUs 3 Cost: $315.00    
  • Response to Invention: CEUs: 4.5 Cost: $350.00
  • Six Traits of Writing Model: CEUs: 3 Cost: $315.00
  • Teaching Elementary Math Conceptuality: CEUs: 3 Cost: $315.00
  • Teaching Secondary Math Conceptuality: CEUs: 4.5 Cost: $350.00
  • Teaching Diversity: CEUs: 3 Cost: $315.00   
  • Traumatized Child: CEUs: 3 Cost: $315.00
  • Try DI! Planning & Preparing a Differentiated Instruction Program: CEUs: 4.5 Cost: $350.00
  • Understanding Aggression: CEUs: 4.5 Cost: $350.00
  • Understanding & Implementing Common Core Standards: CEUs: 4.5 Cost: $350.00
  • Violence in School: CEUs: 3 Cost: $315.00
  • Why DI: An Introduction to Differentiated Instruction: CEUs: 4.5 Cost: $350.00


uCertify provides Courses, Lab, TestPrep for IT certifications including Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, CompTIA, CIW, PMI, ISC2, Linux, Zend, IC3, Adobe, Axelos and many more.

Check out the courses we have to offer in the link below.



Delaware State University, in partnership with ed2go, offers online open enrollment programs designed to provide the skills necessary to acquire professional level positions for many in-demand occupations.

Our programs are designed by a team of professionals from each respective field, providing you with effective web-based learning programs. Instructors/mentors are actively involved in your online learning experience, responding to any questions or concerns, as well as encouraging and motivating you to succeed.

Check out the courses we have to offer in the link below.


The Am I Job Ready platform is used to prepare students and job seekers with the employability skills that business leaders say are essential to success in the 21st Century workforce like initiative, decision-making, and teamwork.

Location: Online | Cost: $85.00

Healing Trauma from an African-Centered Healing Approach

Healing Trauma from an African-Centered Healing Approach is an online certificate program comprised of six courses with the goal to give students the opportunity to explore healing from an African-centered paradigm that is different than the mainstream world view and values that undergird standard therapeutic approaches. This alternative healing paradigm is designed to build resilience in children, adults and communities exposed to trauma and toxic stress.

Interested? Check out our brochure and flyer links below and complete one of our registration forms found at the top of the page under the “Find your success today” section. 

Healing Trauma from an African-Centered Healing Approach Flyer
Healing Trauma from an African-Centered Healing Approach Brochure



A self-paced interactive online curriculum that teach youth how to code their own computer games, websites, and apps through the correct structure and environment. Simply Coding teaches kids through the medium of games to actually write their own code in a text editor and host their projects online (github).

For more information on this camp, visit https://simplycoding.org/

For information on their curriculum, visit https://simplycoding.org/coding-curriculum/

Registration and Information

Technology and Training Center

The DSU Technology & Training Center (TTC) is a multi-purpose center committed to offering excellence in education by providing learners with innovative courses, programs, events and workshops providing employability-focused credentialing and continuation skills training designed to impact a global workforce economy. Powered by Barclays.


To register for or to inquire information about our courses, please email us at ace [at] desu.edu or call our office at 302-857-6144


More information can be found here at https://www.desu.edu/academics/technology-training-center-ttc


Note:  15% discount for alumni, faculty, students, military and seniors (65 +)  

Funding Opportunities for Continuing Education Programs


The Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts Program (MyCAA) is a career development and employment assistance program sponsored by the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Spouse Education and Career Opportunities (SECO) program. 

G.I. Bill

Receive up to 36 months of entitlement under the Post-9/11 GI Bill. You will be eligible for benefits for 15 years from your last period of active duty of at least 90 consecutive days

State Vocational Rehabilitation Services Program for the State of Delaware

This program provides grants to assist States in operating statewide vocational rehabilitation (VR) programs, each of which is an integral part of a statewide workforce development system

Blue Collar Training Program.  

The Blue Collar Training Program provides funding to help Delaware employers (not just the State of Delaware) offer customized training programs to upgrade and retrain their employees and provide financial assistance to full-time employees. The overall administration of this fund is handled by the Delaware Economic Development Office (DEDO)


WIA stands for Workforce Investment Act  provides federal funds for employment and training assistance. WIA services help people improve their opportunities for getting a job, increase their wages, and provides money for job skills training.

Senior Adult Learning Opportunities’

Adult learners over 62 free tuition for credit courses that are connected.  The certification courses are free to those that will take credit bearing courses leading to certification.  

Sallie Mae Continuing Education Grants/Loans