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Our admissions counselors travel to states in the Northeast region to meet with you in person. They come prepared to give you an inside perspective on what it’s like to be a student here. Get to know them better! Check out the list below to find your admissions counselor and call or email them to ask questions about Delaware State University. They are ready to help you!

Admissions Counselors 

Charles Robinson-Snead

Charles Robinson-Snead

Phone: 302.857.7356

Recruitment Area: Delaware

Favorite College Memory: My favorite college memory is when I got crowned as Mister Delaware State University 2013-2014. Ever since I enrolled as a freshman in 2010 I had been intrigued by this leadership role, so I took it upon myself to find mentors who would be constructive in helping me reach the goal of someday becoming the King of the university. Through hard work, dedication, being humbled, mentored, and guided, I was able to achieve that goal. As a young man who came from little to nothing and typically didn’t think much of himself, it ignited a new light into me to be elevated in leadership in that capacity. That platform allowed me to mentor, encourage, and befriend other likeminded and even contrast-minded individuals to stand consistent and achieve that which is deemed to be the impossible. I was able to share my personal testimonies and serve, truthfully being the epitome of a King. And for that I am forever grateful!. 

Why Should Students Choose DSU: I strongly feel that Delaware State University is dignified as one of the greatest HBCU’s simply because of the holistic experience that you are guaranteed to gain. Above many, one of the main reasons why I cherish DSU so much is because students are definitely afforded great and adequate academic education but there are also many other proponents involved that will teach the students great life lessons along the way as well.

Hawa Turay

Hawa Turay

Phone: 302.857.7780

Recruitment Area:  Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York  

Favorite College Memory: My favorite college moments were when I was working as an orientation leader. I loved meeting all of the new students and their families. Also being able to interact with them and being able to share my experiences with them to help kind of ease them into the new chapter of their lives.

Why Should Students Choose DSU: Students should choose DSU because of the endless possibilities of what they can do and become. There are so many different opportunities here at DSU that students can take advantage of to become very successful. Not only is DSU very diverse and cultured it is also very rich with many opportunities for student to get involved and stay involved. 

Hawa Turay

Sharnae Williams

Phone: 302.857.6103

Recruitment Area:  Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC  

Favorite College Memory: My favorite college memory is being a college intern. During my years of college, I was able to intern at various organizations and agencies. Through each experience I was able to build a strong professional network, develop friendships and gain invaluable work experience. Interning also guided to my career path and helped me find my niche.

Why Should Students Choose DSU: Students should choose DSU because of our student-centered approach, sense of community and amazing opportunities that are available throughout the university. There are so many opportunities for students to grow academically and socially. DSU invests in each and every student to ensure that he or she is adequately prepared for the road that lies ahead. Our students are provided with many resources and connections to a large network that can assist them with building their career. DSU has a very diverse student body and throughout the campus students can experience a sense of community and belonging. No matter where you are from, you become part of the DSU family! 

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Delaware State University
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Dover, DE 19901
Daytime: 302.857.6060
Evening: 302.857.6290

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