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Center for Teaching and Learning

“Who dares to teach must never cease to learn.”- John Cotton Dana

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) of Delaware State University maintains a focus on linking professional development to university improvement.  Its principle mission is to strengthen and support academic programs that improve teaching and learning across all mediums of education for instructors and students by providing ongoing faculty support services.  The CTL is a supportive resource for faculty and adjunct professors of Delaware State University and offers a variety of services for them to be effective and successful  teachers within their classrooms.  These services include Professional Development services (workshops, conferences, sponsorships for travel), Mini-Grant opportunities, Promotion & Tenure tips and assistance, and teaching assistance for faculty and adjunct professors; all of which allow university faculty to strengthen their teaching efforts through research-based methodologies, professional development experiences, advanced studies and assessment practices that lead to improved teaching and student learning. 

We operate as part of the University’s Title III Grant. Title III is a federal government assistance program given to historically Black colleges and Universities. Title III assures equity in educational opportunities for all students. CTL works in conjunction with the Title III office to assure that university faculty are equipped with the tools and resources needed to enrich their teaching in order to increase student learning.
All expenditures submitted by the Center to the Title III office must be allowable under federal guidelines.

Professional Development

Workshops & Trainings

The CTL offers a variety of Professional Development opportunities through workshops and trainings related to teaching, learning and assessment.  Upcoming events will be posted under Training and Events.  If you are interested in facilitating a workshop for the Center for Teaching & Learning, please contact us at CTL [at] desu.edu. Workshop attendees and facilitators are eligible to be recognized as a CTL Shining Star.  CTL Shining Star 2017-2018  

CLT Shining Star 2017-2018

Faculty Assistance

  • rlykens [at] desu.edu (subject: Classroom%20Observation%20Request) (Request a Classroom Observation)
  • rlykens [at] desu.edu (subject: One%20on%20one%20teaching%20consultation) (Request a One-on-One Teaching Consultations)
  • award [at] desu.edu (Contact the Center for Teaching & Learning)

Professional Teaching Travel

The Center for Teaching and Learning offers travel assistance for faculty members attending a professional conference related to teaching, learning, or assessment.  Additional Information can be found under Faculty Resources.

Mini-Research Grants

Submitting and procuring research grants is an important part of faculty life. While the CTL offers mini teaching innovative grants, it is important for faculty to secure research grants within their fields of discipline. For some tips on how to write grants, please visit, Grant Tutor, a website by Dr. Melissa Harrington (DSU Biology Professor).


This competition has been closed. Please check back regarding the 13th Annual Mini-Grant Competition. 


New Faculty

The Center for Teaching and Learning is a useful resource for the new faculty of Delaware State University.  By hosting their annual New Faculty Orientation, incoming faculty are given helpful knowledge and tools that will help them be successful within their classrooms. CTL [at] desu.edu (subject: RSVP%20to%202017%20New%20Faculty%20Orientation) (RSVP for our 2017 New Faculty Orientation).

2017 New Faculty Orientation

Promotion & Tenure

The Center for Teaching & Learning hosts 2 annual Promotion & Tenure Workshops to prepare faculty for the upcoming promotion & tenure process.

Student Course Evaluations

As of Spring 2016, the Center for Teaching & Learning will be managing student course evaluations for the University.  Effective Fall 2016, the university will be using BLUE to manage the online course evaluations. Emails will be sent to all enrolled students during the fall and spring semesters with will provide a direct link for students to complete their evaluations. Instructors will receive an email at the close of these evaluations where they can view and download their course reports (login credentials are required).

  • Login: DESU email handle (without the @desu.edu)
  • Password: the same as your DESU email account   

Blue Explorance 

If you require additional assistance, please send an email to CTLCourseEvals [at] desu.edu

Please note the that CTL also has archived evaluations from 2006- Spring 2016.  If you would like to request a copy your evaluations results from these years, please send an email to CTLcourseevals [at] desu.edu specifying the semester, the year, course number and the CRN.  Please allow 5-7 days to process your request.