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DSU President Harry L. Williams poses with the I-STARS students in Poland
In this photo: DSU President Harry L. Williams poses with the I-STARS students in Poland
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DSU Students Spread Research Wings in Poland

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Ten DSU students recently returned from a research study abroad experience in Bydgoszcz, Poland where they learned new research techniques and expanded their science horizons.

The students spent May 22 to June 21 doing individual research projects at the Uniwersytet Technologiczno-Przyrodniczy (UTP), also known in English as the University of Technology and Life Sciences.

For images of their research presentations, click on the photo slideshow link below:


Each student worked with a UTP science faculty member to conduct an individual research project. The students are all STEM majors and members of the DSU Alliance for Minority Participation, which provides support and research opportunities for minority science majors.

DSU President Harry L. Williams traveled to Poland on June 19 to meet with the students and learn about their research projects. Joining him on the trip were Dr. Fengshan Liu, assistant vice president of International Affairs; Carlos Holmes, director of News Services; First Lady Dr. Robin Williams; the Williams’ son Gavin; and Hong Liu (Dr. Liu’s wife). The visiting DSU delegation attended a program at UTP in which each student gave a presentation on his or her research project and findings.

“The student research presentations were impressive and demonstrated the caliber of students that we expect at DSU,” said Dr. Williams. “It also showed that such study abroad experiences are another academic journey possibility that helps DSU achieve its student success goals.”

The DSU students were part of the International Science and Technology Academy for Research Scholars (I-STARS) group. The students, research project titles and UTP faculty mentors were:


Wenday Anyona, a chemistry major from New Castle, Del. – “The Intra-Articular Treatment of Osteoarthritis of the Knee (Hyaluronic Acid vs. Steroid/Placebo)”; Dr. Stanislov Jung, UTP research advisor.

Francess Blake, an agriculture/pre-veterinarian major from Dover, Del. – “Estimation of Nuclear DNA Content in five Pycnanthemum Species Using Flow Cytometry”; Dr. Iwona Jedrzejczyk, UTP research advisor.

Tristian De Leon, a biological sciences major from Smyrna, Del. – “Neurodegenerative Protein Aggregation in a Confined Space”; Dr. Jacek Siódmiak, UTP research advisor.

Gadriel Guevara, a biological sciences major from Townsend, Del. – “Influence of Storage Methods of Trabecular Bone on its Elastic Properties”; Dr. Adam Mazurkiewicz, UTP research advisor.

Liam Joseph, a biological sciences major from Willingboro, N.J. – “Physiological and Pathological Properties of Synovial Fluid in Joint Disease”; Dr. Stanislov Jung, UTP research advisor.

De’Andrea Mazyck, a biological sciences major from Dover, Del. – “SCoT Molecular Markets Used to Evaluate the Genetic Stability of Lamprocapnos Spectabilis Plantlets Recovered afer Encapsulation-Vitrification Cryopreservation”; Dr. Dariusz Kulus, UTP research advisor.

Nicole Miletti, a biological sciences major from Dover, Del. – “Molecular Identification of Capsicum Genotypes using ISSR Markers”; Dr. Dorota Olszewska, UTP research advisor.

Jeremy Murphy, a biological sciences major from Wilmington, Del. – “Endoreduplication in Seeds of Shrubs and Trees of Legumes (Fabaceae)”; Dr. Monika Rewers, UTP research advisor.

Sarah Saintile, a chemistry major from Dover, Del. – “Treatments and Current Concepts of Early to Mild Osteoarthritis”; Dr. Stanislaw Jung, UTP research advisor.

Nate Smith, a biological sciences major from Middletown, Del. – “Application of RAPD and ISSR markers in the Evaluation of Genetic Stability in Vitrification Cryopreservation-Recovered Bleeding Heart Microshoots”; Dr. Dariusz Kulus, UTP research advisor.

“It was an amazing cultural experience,” said Ms. Mazyck. “I learned so much about cryopreservation, and it was an amazing opportunity that I will never forget.”

Ms. Blake said the UTP research advisors gave the DSU students great assistance. “They took us on (science-related) excursions and they taught us so much. They were fantastic to work with,” she said.

The findings and data from the research of some of the students could be included in a future publication and added to various science databases.

The DSU students were also accommodated during their one-month stay by Dr. Ryszard Zamorski, UTP head of International Relations; Prof. Adam Gadomski, UTP vice rector for International Relations; and Anna Sliwinska, coordinator for the group.

Grant funding from the National Science Foundation through the Philadelphia Alliance for Minority Participation provided significant support for the trip. Dr. Mazin Shahin, director of DSU’s Alliance for Minority Participation, not only successfully wrote the grant that made the recent trip possible, but also for every year since 2010, resulting in five study abroad experiences in China and two in Poland during that seven-year period.

“This is an excellent experience for students to prepare themselves for the global market,” said Dr. Shahin, who was in Poland with the students. “The students from this study abroad go on to graduate school or join research programs.”

During the Poland trip, Dr. Williams also met another DSU student, Alexa Smith, a biological sciences major, who spent the entire spring semester 2017 at UTP. She completed a full semester course load with a 5.0 GPA (4.0 equivalent in the U.S.).

“This has taught me to appreciate cultures that are not my own and to accept the offers of life,” Ms. Smith said. “I was fascinated with a lot of the Polish history.”