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New Student Orientation

The information below will help ensure you and your family’s smooth transition into becoming a part of the Hornet family! If you have any further questions or concerns pertaining to New Student Orientation, contact the Office of Admissions at 302.857.6351.

If you plan to attend Delaware State University, you must attend New Student Orientation in order to register for classes. All New Student Orientation fees are non-refundable.

What is New Student Orientation (NSO)?

New Student Orientation (NSO) is designed for all new students, including transfers. It introduces you to the campus, where you will learn about Delaware State University’s academic programs, meet faculty members and administrators, register for classes with your advisor, learn about all of our support services and make new friends with other incoming students. All new students must attend New Student Orientation.

What should I do prior to attending New Student Orientation?

Prior to attending New Student Orientation (NSO), it is mandatory for every new student to complete the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment. The placement assessment is open for admitted students, allowing for you to complete at least one retake prior to your scheduled NSO. Failure to take the ALEKS math assessment prior to your selected NSO date may alter your NSO schedule of activities.

You will need to create a Personal Identification Number (PIN) before you can complete the test. Visit myDESU and select “Create/Reset PIN”.

Read more about ALEKS and visit Banner Self Service to take the ALEKS math assessment.

* NOTE: You will not need to take the ALEKS Assessment if you have taken and passed a college-level math (submission of official transcript(s) from previous institution(s) required for evaluation).  High school Advanced Placement scores can be considered upon submission of official scores. 

How do I book my New Student Orientation date?

You can click on the red button on this page that says register for New Student Orientation; it will direct you to the registration form. 

The Make a Payment button will direct you to the QuikPAY payment portal to submit your fee(s). Please make your payment in advance (at least 7 days prior to selected NSO date) to avoid a delayed check-in process. 

Please note, in your acceptance package you will receive an Admissions Acceptance Agreement. This document informs the Office of Admissions that you plan to attend the University. Please return the form to the Office of Admissions along with registering for New Student Orientation online. The agreement form can be mailed, faxed (302.857.6352) or hand delivered to the Office of Admissions.

The mailing address is:

Delaware State University
Office of Admissions
1200 N. DuPont Highway
Dover, DE 19901

How much is New Student Orientation?

The non-refundable New Student Orientation fees are listed below:

$200 for freshmen in the fall

$150 for freshmen in the spring

$100 for transfer students in the fall and spring

$100 for freshmen attending Early New Student Orientations (if you attend an Early New Student Orientation you will not have to attend one of our traditional freshman orientations during the summer)



How do I make my New Student Orientation Payment?

Preferred method of payment is online via QuikPAY.

Types of payments accepted via QuikPAY: personal check, major credit card or debit card.

How to make a payment via QuikPAY:

In the “Login as Guest” box

  • Enter: Student ID
  • Click: Login
  • Click: “Yes, connect to NelNet QuikPAY”
  • Click: “Pay” beside Tuition & Other University Fees (Note: There is not an option for New Student Orientation.)
  • Select: New Student Orientation (NSO) Term
  • Enter Payment Amount
  • Select Payment Method
  • Click “Continue” to enter personal information

You can also mail in a personal check or money order (no cash) to:

Delaware State University
Office of Admissions
1200 N. DuPont Highway
Dover, DE 19901

What does my orientation fee cover?

The fee covers the processing of your registration, materials given during the orientation, and meals.

How do I make my housing deposit?

  • Go to QuikPAY
  • In the “Login as Guest Box”
  • Enter: Student ID
  • Click: Login
  • Click: “Yes, connect to NelNet QuikPAY”
  • Click: “Pay” Traditional Housing Deposit
  • Select: Term from the drop-down box
  • Enter: Payment Amount
  • Select: Payment Method from the drop-down box
  • Click: Continue
  • Provide Information:  Complete your credit card, bank information or both (must use the option you choose above)
  • Click: Confirm to submit your payment
  • You will receive an email confirmation for your payment

Can I bring my parents and guest to New Student Orientation?

Yes. You are allowed to bring guests (2 max) to New Student Orientation. However, there is a $35.00 fee for each guest, including children over 6 years of age. This fee covers materials given to each guest and meals.

New Student Orientation is designed specifically for you and your parents or guardians. Younger siblings and other family members may not find the sessions of interest, and we do not recommend they attend.

Two-day Orientations-Overnight campus accommodations are reserved for future DSU students attending orientation. Parents and guests are asked to reserve a room at a nearby hotel. Please visit our Local Accommodations section for a listing of hotels in the area.

Please Note: The guest fee is waived during Spring Orientation, Fall Transfer Orientations, Early New Student Orientations and Makeup/Final New Student Orientations. Guests are responsible for their own meals. Please limit to 2 guests.

What are some key things to remember for my orientation session?

Documents needed for New Student Orientation

(All can be turned in/completed prior to orientation)


  • Fall New Student Orientation is a 2 day event for incoming freshmen and 1 day event for transfer students.
    Students staying overnight, please bring twin extra-long sheets, a pillow, shower shoes and toiletries.

  • Spring and Makeup New Student Orientations are 1 day events for both incoming freshmen and transfer students.

  • Early New Student Orientation is a 1 day event that is modified to cover the fundamentals of transitioning to Delaware State University.


Prior to your orientation session, download the Delaware State University Events App (Events @ DESU) on your mobile device or tablet to have New Student Orientation details, announcements and resources at your fingertips. Once installed, find your event, create a profile (only name and email address are required), and then join the event.

Where is New Student Orientation held on campus?

During the two-day Fall New Student Orientation, check-in for students will take place in the lobby of the Wellness and Recreation Center and check-in for parents and guests will take place in the Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) Student Center from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. on day one.

During the Spring New Student Orientation, check-in for students, parents and guests will take place in the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Center from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.

New Student Orientation activities are held in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Student Center. Students will spend most of their day in the MLK with the exception of the campus tour and business dealings with Financial Aid, Student Accounts and ID Center offices in the Administration Building.

Students driving to orientation should park in Parking Lot 1 across from the MLK Student Center. There is no charge for parking.

A detailed schedule of events will be provided upon your arrival to New Student Orientation.

Please Note: Please check your email with specific check-in instructions and location.

What happens after New Student Orientation (Next Steps)?

After New Student Orientation it is your responsibility to make sure first that all of your documents have been turned in a timely fashion. While you are at New Student Orientation, you will have an opportunity to register for your classes; this will generate your semester bill. Once your bill has been generated, it is the responsibility of the student to make sure that the bill can be paid in full by scholarships, grants, financial aid, personal monies or a payment plan through Student Accounts. One or all of the options can be used to satisfy your bill.