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Returning & Transfer Students

Academic school Year 2019 - 20 Scholarship

Application period IS open:  January 8, 2019 to March 29, 2019

Delaware State University Foundation scholarships have been made possible by a generous commitment from donors. The Delaware State University Foundation supports students who have demonstrated a commitment to completing their education and have met various criteria as specified by our donors and scholarship awarding committee.

Returning / current DSU students and transfer students who wish to be considered for a Delaware State University Privately Funded Scholarships should review the information below.

Scholarship Application

  1. PLEASE READ:  Applying for a scholarship does not mean you will automatically be awarded a scholarship but your application will be reviewed for consideration by the scholarship committee. 
  2. You must be enrolled to apply.
  3. You can apply at:  https://desu.awardspring.com
  4. If you have a problem with completing the application, please send an email to dsufoundation [at] desu.edu. and include your name and D100#.
  5. Please list your Delaware State University email on your application. Notification of award status will be sent via email to your DSU student email account.

Scholarships awarding for school year 2019- 2020 will be awarded according to the:

  1. Availability of Scholarship Funds
  2. The Donor’s guidelines


  • Applicants must have completed a minimum of 1 semester at DSU by the beginning of the 2019-20 school year or be entering as a transfer student.
  • Must complete a FAFSA Application.
  • Must have a 2.5 minimum cumulative GPA., unless stated otherwise.
  • Must be a full-time student at DSU, unless stated otherwise

Award Information

  • Scholarships are disbursed evenly between the Fall and Spring semester of each academic year.
  • Scholarships may only be used to cover direct educational expenses billed by the University (tuition, fees, housing, meal plans and book vouchers).
  • All scholarships funds that exceed direct educational expenses will be reduced and refunded to the donor.
  • Students who are awarded a scholarship, must send a thank you letter to the Office of Development via email at dsufoundation [at] desu.edu.

Alumni Legacy Scholarship

For the Alumni Legacy Scholarship, additional information is required:

  • Submit three letters of recommendation.
    • One letter of recommendation should be from an alumna / alumnus of Delaware State University.
    • Letters of recommendation should be submitted no later than March 29, 2019 to:
      The Alumni Legacy Scholarship Committee
      Delaware State University
      2nd Floor Administration Building
      1200 North DuPont Highway
      Dover, DE, 19901
      or via email to: dsufoundation [at] desu.edu.
  • A 250-word essay is required that describes what receiving Alumni Legacy Scholarship support means to you and why you are requesting such support.

  • Also explain why you should be selected for a scholarship.

  • If you have a particular financial need, include a paragraph about this topic

List of Scholarships - Students only need to fill out one application.

Special thanks to all of our donors for making these scholarships possible.

  1. AgFirst Farm Credit Bank Scholarship
  2. Alumni Legacy Endowed Scholarship
  3. Amos, Kent & Carmen Endowed Scholarship
  4. Athletic Boosters Endowed Scholarship
  5. Bank of America Endowed Scholarship (Nations Bank)
  6. Bell Atlantic Endowed Scholarship
  7. Beneficial Bank Endowed Scholarship
  8. Bennie & Shirley Smith Endowed Scholarship
  9. Blakey, Dr. Donald A. & Delores Endowed Scholarship
  10. Bragg, Arthur Memorial Scholarship
  11. Braxton, Gwendolyn Endowed Scholarship
  12. Brown, Reverend Tommie L. Memorial  Book Scholarship
  13. Burke, Edwin M. Memorial Scholarship
  14. Bush, Valerie Endowed Scholarship
  15. Canaan Baptist Church Scholarship (must submit a letter from Church)
  16. Carvel, Elbert N. Scholarship
  17. Catherine N. Cook  Scholarship
  18. Cathleen Trigg-Jones Scholarship
  19. Class of 1965 Endowed Scholarship
  20. Crankstart Re-Entry Scholarship
  21. Cuff, Blanche Russ Endowed Scholarship
  22. Darnerien McCants Endowed Scholarship
  23. Dawson, Mabel Nursing Scholarship
  24. DeLauder, William B. Endowed Scholarship
  25. Delaware State University Trustee Scholarship 
  26. Delmarva Power Endowed Scholarship
  27. Dennis, Virginia & Edward Endowed Scholarship
  28. Dill, Norman Memorial Scholarship
  29. Dr. Berlin & Dr. Reba R. Hollingsworth Endowed Scholarship
  30. Dr. Clorice Thomas-Haysbert Memorial Scholarship
  31. Dr. Daniel E. Coons Endowed Scholarship
  32. Dr. Donald A. Parks Endowed Scholarship
  33. Dr. Fatma Helmy Memorial Endowed Book Scholarship
  34. Dr. Gustav A. Ofosu Scholarship
  35. Dr. K. Bernard Chase and Audrey Skrine Chase Endowed Scholarship
  36. Dr. Kenneth Bell Endowed Scholarship
  37. Dr. Norman Dill Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  38. Dr. Ulysses S. Washington Endowed Scholarship
  39. Draper Communications Endowed Scholarship
  40. DSC Legends Athletic Scholarship
  41. DSUAA Kent County Alumni Chapter Scholarship
  42. DSUAA New Castle County Alumni Chapter Scholarship
  43. DSUAA Sussex County Alumni Chapter Scholarship
  44. Edward T. Crawford Endowed Scholarship
  45. Ernest Talbert, Sr. Endowed Scholarship
  46. Evans, Walter Memorial Scholarship
  47. First State Constitutional Scholarship
  48. Frank and Linda Chick Endowed Scholarship 
  49. Franklin, Frederick J. Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  50. Fred McKenzie Scholarship
  51. Frederick Coverdale Memorial Scholarship Fund
  52. George Washington Scholarship
  53. Gilbert H.”Slew”Jackson, JR. & Ruth T. Jackson Athletic
  54. Gilliam, James Jr. Endowed Scholarship
  55. Godt, Jr., Harry Nursing Memorial Scholarship
  56. Hairston, Major Endowed Scholarship
  57. Halvin T. and Pauline E. Blocksom Endowed Scholarship
  58. Hardin T. and Gladys T. Watkins Endowed Scholarship
  59. Harrison H. Short and Aleatha H. Short Scholarship
  60. Hercules Endowed Scholarship
  61. Holland, Wilmer, Lofland Endowed Scholarship
  62. Horace Foundation Endowed Criminal Justice Scholarship
  63. Hospitality & Tourism Management Endowed Scholarship
  64. Hunter Memorial Scholarship
  65. Inez O. Means Endowed Scholarship
  66. James Frank and Mary J. Marshall Endowed Scholarship
  67. James Scott King Scholarship
  68. Jane Waters Bickham Endowed Scholarship
  69. Jason, William C. Memorial Scholarship
  70. John and Sherri Ridgeway Endowed Scholarship
  71. John R. Price Memorial Scholarship
  72. Kailyn Lowry Scholarship
  73. King, James Scott Scholarship 
  74. Kutz, Milton & Hattie Foundation Scholarship
  75. Larry F. Potts Memorial Scholarship Endowment 
  76. Lois R. Billings Memorial Scholarship Endowment
  77. Machen, Ronald & Ethel Endowed Scholarship
  78. Marion E. Gibbs Endowed Scholarship
  79. Maurice and Laverne Thomason Scholarship 
  80. Mayo, Lillian Spencer Endowed Scholarship
  81. McDowell Family Scholarship
  82. Michael Ingram II Endowed Scholarship
  83. Mishoe Family Endowed Scholarship
  84. Mkombozi (Blakey) Scholarship Fund
  85. Molock, Guy & Inez Endowed Scholarship
  86. Moor, John T., Sr. & Lucille Endowed Scholarship
  87. Mr. and Mrs. Chester and Ramona Hart Endow Scholarship
  88. Ned W. Brown Jr. Endowed Scholarship
  89. Norman Oliver Scholarship Fund
  90. Osher Reentry Scholarships Program Endowment
  91. Outten, E. Stuart Endowed Scholarship
  92. Peggy Cuffee Brinkley Endowed Memorial Scholarship
  93. Phillip E. and Deborah Scott Endowed Scholarship
  94. President Ball Scholarship
  95. Reginald D. Harris Scholarship
  96. Rehoboth Beach Young People’s Assoc. Endowed Scholarship
  97. Reverend Floreta W. Nickerson Scholarship
  98. Reverend Tommie L. Brown Memorial Endowed Book Scholarship
  99. Robert A. Young Memorial Scholarship
  100. Robert and Cecelia S. Vanderhost Endowed  Scholarship
  101. Robert Michael Hassell Sr. Endowed Scholarship
  102. Ruth Helen Washington Scholarship Award
  103. Saxton, Andrew Memorial Scholarship
  104. Saxton, Annie Ruth Memorial Scholarship Fund
  105. Semple, Anne Scholarship
  106. Sims, John Endowed Scholarship
  107. Student Government Association Endowed Scholarship
  108. Swygert, Arnold & Peggy - History & Political Science Scholarship
  109. Swygert, Arnold & Peggy - Social Work Scholarship
  110. The Groove Phi Groove Endowed Scholarship  
  111. The Jerome H. Pinkett Memorial Endowed Scholarship 
  112. The Steven R. Ewing Endowed Scholarship
  113. The Terance Hoover Endowed Scholarship  
  114. The Wellington D. Swindall Book Scholarship Fund Endowed
  115. Tri-State Association I.B.P.O.E. Endowed Scholarship
  116. Valerie Lyons Memorial Scholarship Award
  117. W. DeEdwin Hursey Endowed Memorial Scholarship
  118. Walker, Elissa H. Endowed Memorial Scholarship
  119. Walker, Richard Endowed Memorial Scholarship
  120. Waples, Charles Scholarship in Chemistry
  121. Waples, Charles Scholarship in Math & Computer Science
  122. Warren, Cora E. Memorial Scholarship
  123. Washington, Ulysses Scholarship
  124. Waters, Floyd Endowed Scholarship
  125. Williams, Harriet R. Memorial Scholarship Fund
  126. Williams, Rev. J. H. Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  127. Wilson, Clarence E. Scholarship
  128. Zeneca (ICI Americas) Endowed Scholarship


For questions or concerns, please contact the Delaware State University Office of Financial Aid at 302.857.6250 or via email at dsufoundation [at] desu.edu.

Please note that Federal and University financial assistance is available only to U.S. citizens and Permanent Residents. Also, please be aware that scholarships, policies, guidelines, and criteria are subject to change without prior notification.


Will scholarships cover the full cost of my education at DSU?

Delaware State University is committed to making higher education accessible, as demonstrated by our reasonable tuition for in-state and out-of-state students and in our variety of scholarships, financial aid programs, and financing plans. While we strive to make a University education affordable, virtually all students will have a combination of student and family contributions and student/parent loans in addition to any grants or scholarships awarded.

I am a high school senior looking to come to DSU in the fall. May I apply for these scholarships?

The Office of Admissions offers scholarships to incoming, first-time freshmen. The Returning and Transfer Student Scholarships are only available to returning students or those students transferring to Delaware State University from other institutions.

I have applied for admission to DSU as a transfer student, but when I try to complete the application, I get an error message indicating I am not a student. Why?

Only a transfer student whose application has been accepted by the Office of Admissions may complete the scholarship application. If your application is incomplete or has not been finalized, you may not apply.

What is the user ID and password for the application?

The user ID is your Delaware State University student ID# and the password is the PIN you use to access Student Services. If you are a transfer student and do not know your student ID# or PIN, please contact the Office of Records and Registration.

The list of available scholarships does not indicate how much each is worth. How do I know which ones to select if I don’t know how much they are worth?

The scholarships come from various sources such as endowments and private donations and the award amounts are often left to the discretion of the Scholarship Committee based upon the number of applicants, availability of funds, and overall merit and financial need of the applicants. The average scholarship recipient received a total of $2,000 in 2010–11.

When should I expect to get a refund check from my scholarships?

Scholarships may only be used to cover direct educational expenses billed by the University (tuition, fees, housing, meal plans and book vouchers). All scholarship funds that exceed direct educational expenses will be reduced. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Why do I have to complete a FAFSA?

The Privately Funded scholarships and the Alumni Legacy scholarship are awarded based upon both financial need and merit. Recipients are not required to have a high need, but some amount of need is necessary. Please do not assume your financial need is not low enough! Complete the scholarship application anyway. Students with very low need may be awarded scholarships as well as those students with high need.

I have a very high GPA. Why wasn’t I awarded any scholarships?

Make sure to read all of the eligibility requirements. Remember, you must have a valid FAFSA on file with the Office of Financial Aid. If your Student Aid Report does not contain an EFC, then your FAFSA is not valid. Also, you must have some amount of financial need. Also, many scholarships have specific eligibility requirements aside from GPA that you may not meet.

Are the scholarships open to graduate students?

Scholarships are generally only available to undergraduate students unless otherwise specified in the criteria.

I am a transfer student. How will you know my GPA?

The Scholarship Committee obtains transfer student GPAs from the Office of Admissions.

I made a mistake on my application! How can I fix it?

Please review your application for accuracy before submitting it. All applications are final once they have been submitted.