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Ralph F. Robinson, director of DSU Counseling Services, has written Back in the Day, a memoir that tells of his adolescent and teen years in Newark N.J. and Martha's Vineyard Island.

  Two DSU authors publish new books

Two members of the DSU community – Ralph F. Robinson, director of the University’s Counseling Services, and Dr. Charles D. Fletcher, adjunct professor of management – have recently published a new book and an updated book, respectively.

Mr. Robinson has published Back in the Day, Volume 1 (A Twelve-Year Memoir 1963-1975), which tells the true-life story of his early adolescence years up to age 21.

This book is the first volume of a positive and uplifting adventure that resulted in Ralph’s successful career while serving his country in the military and currently as a higher education professional.   

The story starts in inner-city Newark, N.J. where he and his family lived until he turned 12 years old.  From there, the family moved to Martha’s Vineyard Island in Massachusetts. 

Fletcher, Dr Charles D w book 300.jpgDr. Charles D. Fletcher has published an updated version of his book Commercial Banking in the United States by Blacks.

“These were two very contrasting, cultural experiences and may be similar to what some of our students’ experience who come from inner-city areas and are transitioning to a rather rural, suburban-like atmosphere here at DSU,” Mr. Robinson said. “Hopefully, students, faculty and staff members will enjoy Back in the Day, identify with some of my experiences, and look forward with eager anticipation to volume II.”

A copy of Back in the Day, Volume I can be purchased at the DSU Bookstore or at by clicking on the following link:

Dr. Fletcher has published an updated version of his financial history book Commercial Banking in the United States by Blacks – A Historical and Locational Appraisal 1770-2010.

The 206-page book was previously published in 2004 and has been updated to include the effect of the financial turmoil that has taken place since then. Overall, the book highlights the business and financial vision of African-American forefathers and the continuing high services provided by today’s black bankers.

“What is new in my book is the impact of the financial impact of 2007-2008, the impact of the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Act and how that impacts black financial institutions,” Dr. Fletcher said.

Commercial Banking in the United States by Blacks is sold for $40 and can be purchased online at