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U.S. Sen. Chris Coons, co-host of the first-ever Kent County Science Fair, listens while Shawn Tazewell of Smyrna Middle School explains his project "How Caffeine Effects the Physiology of Goldfish," which won 1st Place in the Middle School Biology category.

  Kent County Science Fair Photos and Winners

The first-ever Kent County Science Fair gave about 60 high school and middle school students an opportunity to show their science skills during the May 2 event held at Delaware State University.

The Science Fair was co-hosted by U.S. Sen. Chris Coons and DSU, with support also coming from the Boeing Company, the Dow Chemical Company, ILC Dover, and the Delaware Biotechnology Institute.

See the below slideshow for images from the Science Fair, followed by a list of the winning student projects:

The following middle school and high school students and teams received the top honors for science projects in the noted award categories:

High School Winners


  • 1st Place: “Smelling of the Sexes” - Dover High School - Brittany Whitmore, Yasemin Simsek, Mika Heredia, Jada Little
  • 2nd Place: “5-3=2 Super Senses” - Dover High School - Melvin Ross, Damon Butler
  • 3rd Place: “Blondes versus Brunettes” - Dover High School - Tyauna Potts


  • 1st Place: “Chemical Effects 0f Catalysts”  Smyrna High School - Dorothy Johnson, Aliyah Burton, Mary Arkoh, John Arkoh, Anthony Euren


Middle School Winners

Physics and Engineering:

  • 1st Place: “Batter Up” - William Henry Middle School - Alexxys Harris, Noah Lanouette, Dale Waite
  • 2nd Place: “No Yolk About It - How to Keep from Cracking Your Eggs” - Sunrize Academy - Lee Ferguson


Physics and Engineering (con’t)

  • 3rd Place (tie): “Rube Goldberg Machine” - William Henry Middle School - Hayley Scheir,
    Kathryn Suter
  • 3rd Place (tie): “Marble Loop” - Milford Middle School - Dalton Carter, Danny Zang


  • 1st Place: “Biodiesel”- William Henry Middle School - Jacob Harrison
  • 2nd Place: “Chemical Reaction Crystals” - William Henry Middle School - Jing Rue Lin
  • 3rd Place: “ Soda…Rust Remover?” - Central Middle - Carolyn Lewis, Monica Elavarthi


  • 1st Place: “How Caffeine Effects the Physiology of Goldfish” - Smyrna Middle School -Shawn Tazewell
  • 2nd Place: “The Effects of High Glycemic Foods have on Blood Sugar” - William Henry Middle School - Emily Cook
  • 3rd Place: “ The Effects of Nicotine on the Lungs”- Central Middle School - Anmol Gill