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UD President Patrick T. Harker, DSU President Harry L. Williams, Gov. Jack Markell and Delaware Tech President Orlando J. George Jr. display the Partnership Proclamation they each signed reaffirming their commitment to collaborate as public institutions of higher education partners to strengthen the First State. 

  DSU, UD, Delaware Tech Reaffirm Partnership Commitment



Delaware State University, along with the University of Delaware and Delaware Technical & Community College, joined with Gov. Jack Markell to emphasize the unique partnership among the public institutions of higher education in the First State.
DSU President Harry L. Williams, UD President Patrick T. Harker and Delaware Tech President Orlando J. George Jr. along with Gov. Markell signed a proclamation that reaffirms the three institutions’ commitment to partner in ways that will support, enhance and protect the future of the state of Delaware.

DSU President Harry L. Williams -- flanked by (l-r) Gov. Jack Markell, UD President Patrick T. Harker and Delaware Tech President Orlando J. George Jr. -- noted that Delaware is a great environment for such higher education partnerships.

“This collaboration plays out in two ways – one is for students…, and the other has to do with faculty,” Gov. Markell said. He noted that students will benefit by the connective collaboration between Delaware Tech and the two four-year institutions in ways that will facilitate the continuation of their academic journey. The governor added that the partnership of faculty members in research will make a powerful case that federal funding would be effectively used in Delaware.
Dr. Williams said Delaware provides a great environment for such partnerships.
“We are fortunate to be in Delaware; elsewhere there are states that are cutting funding to higher education,” Dr. Williams said. “We want the governor to know that we appreciate his support and that we are working together and will continue to do so.”
Dr. George used the example of math education to show how the institutions are collaborating toward the academic success of students.
“At DelawareTech, math students take courses up to calculus, and they are ready to be junior at either of the institutions and continue working towards a math education degree,” Dr. George said. “We have been doing (such collaborations) for some time now; this was an opportunity today to tell this story in a very public setting.”
Dr. Harker said such higher education partnerships are the standard in Delaware.
“If we can’t work together in this small state, we’re in trouble,” Dr. Harker said.