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Cecilia B. Dunning and Dianne R. Scott were two of the Inspire Award honorees at a Sept. 16 ceremony and dinner for University employees.

  DSU Presents Employee "Inspire Awards"



Delaware State University presented its first-ever Inspire Awards during its 2010 Employee Ceremony held at Dover Downs.
During the combined ceremony and dinner the University’s Inspire Award Committee announced the following three employees to be recipients of the honor:

Inspire Award recipient George H. Jones, Sr., could not be at the Sept. 16 Awards Ceremony because he was faithfully working to ensure everything was in place at Memorial Hall where the DSU Presidential Inauguration was taking place the next morning.

Mrs. Cecelia B. Dunning, financial data analyst, Office of the Provost/Academic Affairs
An employee of DSU for more than 35 years and an alumna of DSU, Ms. Dunning has been a faithful source of guidance for 15 different incoming provosts and vice presidents of Academic Affairs, educating and orienting them in issues pertaining to hiring, employment contracts, as well as the administrative side of the academic calendar year. She is a reliable source of information for all segments of the DSU community. “A wealth of knowledge and generosity, she is an inspiration because she illuminates the space she occupies, in her own kind and regal manner,” according to the committee.
Ms. Dianne R. Scott, administrative secretary to the dean, College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
A five-year employee and a DSU alumna, Ms. Scott truly embodies what perseverance means. Despite having a disability that requires her to use a walker, she has distinguished herself as a student and is close to completing her degree. She has also made her mark at this institution as a valuable administrative assistant who represents her office with outstanding customer service skills, conscientious work ethic and a wealth of knowledge. Ms. Scott motivates others by her example of “pushing past biases about disabilities and physical limitations, and tapping into a deeper sense of personal strength,” according to the committee.
Mr. George H. Jones Sr., grounds and general services supervisor, Department of Facilities
A 21- year employees, Mr. Jones has a pleasant demeanor and a quiet leadership quality that makes him a well-respected supervisor. He employs a level of thoughtfulness and conscientious skill that puts a non-technical person at ease when facing logistical challenges.“While others might be tempted to cut corners on doing the job right… he holds his people accountable to themselves by displaying a high level of integrity as a team leader,” according to the committee.
In addition, a special Inspire Award was presented by Dr. Claibourne Smith to DSU President Harry Lee Williams, recognizing him for the inspirational enthusiasm he has injected into the campus during the first year of his tenure.
The Inspire Award Committee was comprised of DSU staff members Brenda Farmer, Terry Blaha, Vanessa Nesbit and Irene Hawkins.
During the event, DSU honored the following employees who have accumulated 35 or more years of services for the University:
  • Dr. Paul Gibson, associate professor of mathematics (35 years)
  • Gerre Depp, admin. asst./budget analyst (37 years)
  • Dr. Richard Bieker, professor of accounting (38 years)
  • Anita Brinkley, asst. to Title III coordinator, (39 years)
  • Ernestine Brittingham-Brown, asst. professor of social work (39 years)
  • Dr. Yvonne Johnson, associate professor of music (39 years)

    Dr. Harry L. Williams received a special Inspire Award from Dr. Claibourne D. Smith, chairman of the DSU Board of Trustees.

  • Cecelia Dunning, financial data analyst (40 years)
  • Dr. Ehsan Helmy, professor and chair of physics (40 years)
  • Mable Morrison, associate professor (48 years)
In addition, the following four Faculty Excellence Awardees were recognized (the honors were originally announced in June):
  • Dr. Sam Hoff – Faculty Excellence Award for Service
  • Dr. Elizabeth Mansley – Faculty Excellence Award for Teaching
  • Dr. Gulnihal Ozbay – Faculty Excellence Award for Advising
  • Dr. Draboljub Pokrajac – Faculty Excellence Award for Research


The following DSU employees with 35-plus years of service were also recognized: (l-r) Dr. Paul Gibson, Gerre Depp, Ernestine Brittingham, Anita Brinkley, Dr. Yvonne Johnson, Cecelia Dunning, Mabel Morrison, who were all joined by DSU President Harry L. Williams.