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Lennea Davis and Brandon Davis (l-r at computers), engineering physics majors, with Dr. Mukti Rana, assistant professor of engineering and physic, will get hands-on experience in electrical power supply analysis.

  DSU Engineering Students to Benefit from Software Donation

The Department of Physics and Engineering has received an in-kind donation of computer software valued at $430,750 from Operation Technology Inc. that will help DSU engineering students get hands on training in electrical power analysis.

The ETAP electrical power systems design and analysis software will be used to train the engineering students in electrical power system analysis. This will be used as a Laboratory Simulation Software in a newly developed senior course “Power System Analysis” in the Department of Physics and Engineering. It will also be used in future courses that will be taught in the area of electrical power.  

ETAP is a fully integrated electrical power system analysis tool for both direct and alternating currents. Engineers use ETAP in thousands of companies and electric utilities worldwide in the design, analysis, maintenance, and operation of electrical power systems.

ETAP software can be used to perform network analysis, real time monitoring, protective device design, transient analysis, user defined dynamic modeling, cable thermal analysis, fault analysis, load shedding, stability analysis and many others to simulate and design the electrical power system.

Dr. Mukti Rana, assistant professor of physics and engineering, facilitated the development of the department's relationship with Operation Technologies, resulting in the software donation. Dr. Rana noted that Dr. Noureddine Melikechi, dean of the College of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Technology, was also helpful in the endeavor.