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Dr. Susmita Roye has received the National Endowment for the Humanities grant award in support of her current book manuscript project on the women writers of India during British Rule of 1757-1947.

  Dr. Susmita Roye Receives NEH Award

Dr. Susmita Roye, associate professor of English, has been named as a recipient of the National Endowment for Humanities Award for Faculty.

The award has been given in recognition and support of her current book manuscript project, which is about the women writers of India during the British rule of that country (1757-1947). She has tentatively titled the book “Mothering India.”

Dr. Roye will receive financial support from the grant award, which will enable her to take some time off from teaching to finish the book. She was one of only eight persons to receive the award out of 101 applications.

Previously, Dr. Roye co-edited and contributed a chapter to the book The Male Empire under The Female Gaze, which explored the perspective of British white women amid British rule of India.

Dr. Roye, a native of India, has been a faculty member of DSU since 2011.