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Scholarship Sunday is part of the Greater Than One: Campaign for Students, a multi-year campaign for students that connects you to DSU’s proud and historic legacy of helping to transform the lives and futures of our students.

  Scholarship Sunday

Scholarship Sunday is a statewide, faith-based fundraising initiative for scholarships at Delaware State University.

Your participation in the 5th Annual Scholarship Sunday initiative will increase the amount of scholarship and financial aid dollars available to support our students in 2016.


There are 3 ways you can give to Scholarship Sunday:

1. Give a special offering of at least $10-$20 or more at a participating House of Worship on Sunday, March 13, 2016, on behalf of the students at DSU

2. Mail your gift to:

Delaware State University
Office of Development  
c/o Scholarship Sunday
1200 North DuPont Hwy
Dover, Delaware 19901 

3. Make a gift online by completing and submitting the form below.


More information about Scholarship Sunday: 

Why should I give now?

You may very well have students within your congregation who attend DSU who will benefit from the funds raised. More than 85% of undergraduate students at Delaware State University depend on scholarships or financial assistance. They have the grades. They have the desire. Help us ensure that they have the funding to complete their education.

How will the money be collected at my House of Worship?

Scholarship Sunday envelopes will be delivered to participating houses of worship. Once you have filled out the information requested on the envelope, just place your gift in it, and then seal it before placing the envelope into the offering plate. The gifts should be recorded by the church treasurer and secured. A designated University representative will coordinate a date and time to pick up the donations.