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The April 29 Public Forum in Kent County gave DSU President Harry L. Williams (left) and the Blue Ribbon Commission valuable input from the public.

  DSU to Hold Public Forum in New Castle County on April 15


Delaware State University’s Blue Ribbon Commission will complete its series of public forums this week in New Castle County to help it develop a fresh new vision for the University’s future..

The public can attend the forum, which will be held from 6-8 p.m. Thursday, April 15 at the NCCo Chamber of Commerce, 12 Penns Way, New Castle.
The Commission had a forum for Kent County on March 29 and earlier this week on April 13 in Sussex County. DSU President Harry Lee Williams says that it is important for the citizens of Delaware to embrace and participate in this new DSU initiative that will lay a roadmap for its future success.
“Delaware State University belongs to the state of Delaware, and it is therefore important for the institution to have the input of its citizenry to help it become a premier institution of higher education in the country,” Dr. Williams said. “In doing so, the residents of the state will also share in the greatness that will result from DSU’s earnest work to become one of the best universities for students to fulfill their academic and professional aspirations.”
President Williams established the Blue Ribbon Commission in January and has directed the group to complete is work in crafting a new vision for the University by the end of May 2010. The group is also charged with developing a set of values to help drive excellence.
The co-chairs of the 14-member commission are Dr. Dyremple B. Marsh, dean of the DSU College of Agriculture and Related Sciences, and Wayne Gilchrest, a retired U.S. Congressman from Maryland. They are joined by a diverse group that represents the faculty, staff, students and alumni of DSU, as well as state and federal government, public school system and the business community.
In addition, each member of Delaware’s Congressional Delegation – U.S. Sen. Thomas R. Carper, U.S. Sen. Ted Kaufman and U.S. Rep. Michael N. Castle – is serving as honorary co-chairs of the Commission.
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