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Dr. Melissa Harrington, professor of biological science, has been named Neuroscientist of the Year for her work in advancing neuroscience research and education across the state.


  Dr. Melissa Harrington Named Neuroscientist of the Year in Delaware


 Dec. 15, 2011

Dr. Melissa A. Harrington, professor of biological sciences, has been named as the "Neuroscientist of the Year" by the Delaware Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience,

DSU senior biology major Brittany Williams (left) took 2nd place in the Neuroscience Poster Symposium recently held at the Delaware Biotechnology Institute. She was guided by her research advisor Dr. Princey Mennella (right).

Presented at the chapter’s 4th annual Neuroscience Poster Symposium at the Delaware Biotechnology Institute on Friday on Dec. 2, Dr. Harrington was honored for her work in bringing together faculty and students at DSU and the University of Delaware, as well as doctors from Nemours A. I. duPont Children's Hospital to advance neuroscience research and education across the state.
At the same event, senior DSU Biology major Brittany Williams won second place in the undergraduate poster competition for her poster "Distribution and Regulation of Progesterone Receptor Expression in The Adult Prairie Vole Brain." She undertook the project under the guidance of her research advisor, Dr. Princy Q. Mennella, DSU assistant professor of biology, Department in collaboration with Dr. Tom Mennella, also a DSU assistant professor of biology, and other researchers at Michigan State University, East Lansing, Mich.
Prior to that honor, Ms. Williams also won an 1st place award in the Engineering, Physics, and Mathematics division of the Annual Biomedical Research Conference For Minority Students (ABRCMS) on Nov. 12 in St. Louis, Mo., for her poster titled "Assay Development for Rapid Identification of Metabolites that Enable the Killing of Persisters." She conducted this research with Mark Brynildsen of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering of Princeton University during her internship there during the past summer.
At the 4th annual poster symposium graduate students, undergraduates and scientists from UD, DSU and Nemours gathered to discuss their neuroscience-related research. The posters were judged in separate graduate student, undergraduate and post-doctoral scholar categories.