DDLS Speaker - DE Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Gary L. Collins
Technical Lecture: "From Crime Scene to the Courtroom"
November 10 @ 11 a.m. | SCS 223
Public Lecture: "Challenges in Forensic Pathology"
November 10 @ 6 p.m.| SC 139
2015 CARS-CMNST Nobel Prize Event
November 12 @ 4 p.m. | SCS 223
Dept of Computer & Information Sciences receives National Security Agency Certification!

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Welcome to the website of the College of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Technology (CMNST), home of the Departments of Mathematical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Physics and Engineering, Chemistry, Computer and Information Sciences and the Army & Air Force Reserve Officer’s Training Corps.

CMNST offers a wide range of Baccalaureate, Masters and Doctoral degree programs. These are periodically reviewed to ensure that they remain strong, viable and relevant. CMNST is also the home of excellent research programs in areas such as atomic, molecular and optical physics, forensic science, neurosciences, data mining, applied mathematics and applied chemistry.

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The College of Mathematics, Natural Sciences & Technology is home to 11 masters degree programs and four (4) PhD programs. More info about Graduate Studies

New! The Ph.D. program in Applied Chemistry focuses on several areas of applied chemistry including polymer chemistry, biochemistry, environmental chemistry and hydrogen storage. Read more…

When you pair curiosity with knowledge, inspiration, perspiration and determination, you have Research. We strive to provide to those individuals who are admitted quality research opportunities and experiences that are consistent with the overall MISSION of the College. Learn more about the College...


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