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Pass/Fail Policy - Spring 2020

At the end of the Spring Semester 2020 ONLY, faculty will submit a letter grade for each course as per the standard grade submission protocol. After the grades are submitted by faculty, students can choose to keep the standard grade given or move to a pass/fail for each specific course. Standard grade A–C = Pass. Standard grade D–F = Fail. A Pass/Fail grade will not be counted in a student’s GPA. A passing grade will earn credits, a failing grade will not earn credit. Students will follow the established timeline for grade changes. 
Disclaimer: Students on academic success contracts may not use this option in order to satisfy Satisfactory Academic Progress or (SAP) requirements. This policy also excludes special courses that are designated to satisfy financial aid requirements. Programs whose external accreditation requirements do not accept the Pass/Fail grading option are not eligible for this option.  
The decision to enact a Pass/Fail policy, for this semester ONLY, is based on the extreme circumstances we find ourselves in. The goal is to support students to the best of our abilities, and we hope that this option will relieve some of the stress they are currently feeling, especially as many are adjusting to an online learning environment, they are not comfortable with. It is impossible to anticipate every scenario on how this will help or harm students, but this is an exceptional moment in time and this policy will ONLY be in effect for the Spring 2020 semester.  

  • Students are not required to use this option and are encouraged to keep their letter grades. Faculty will submit letter grades as usual and the student, working with their advisor, will request the change.
  • Programs whose external accreditation requirements do not permit Pass/Fail grades are exempt from this policy.
  • Leaving the timeframe available until the standard grade change period in Fall 2020 will, hopefully, encourage students to work with their advisors to make informed decisions regarding the potential impact of the grade change.
  • Students will be required to have their advisors and the chair of their department sign off on the grade change.
  • The current Incomplete Policy will remain in effect and faculty should use their discretion in permitting students to earn an Incomplete (I).
  • As the requirements for earning credits with a D vary from program to program – recognizing that most, if not all, programs require Cs in their core curriculum and General Education – it will be up to the student to decide to keep a D, which will count in their GPA and earn them credit, or to request a Fail grade which will not impact their GPA but will appear on their transcript.
  • Because the grading scale rates an A-C as a Pass and a D-F as a fail, this will not impact financial aid eligibility.
  • We did not consider the Credit/Non Credit option that many universities are adopting because we want our students to continue to strive for the highest grade they can earn and earn the credit they deserve. 
  • An online methodology for submitting the grade change is in development.