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DSU at Home

Welcome to the Nest! Here we will provide you virtual opportunities and resources to stay engaged while at home.

Check back weekly as this page will continue to be updated.

Office of Student Leadership and Activities (OSLA)

Click Here: Congratulations DSU 2020

A Letter to corona - by Quiana Hutchins

Register Your Organization today

It’s time to register your student organization for the 2020-2021 academic year! The Office of Student Leadership and Activities (OSLA) is happy to announce a way for you to complete the Student Organization Registration process online and to submit your materials electronically. To do so, please follow the below easy steps. The deadline for registration is Friday, May 1, 2020. OSLA looks forward to receiving your registration materials.

  1. Go to the Student Organizations page.  Click the group that pertains to you (New Student Organization, Returning Student Organization or Interest Group)
  2. Click on the links for Training AND Application (All organizations are required to review the training slides and complete an application)
  3. As your final step, on the right side or toward the bottom of the page (depending on the device you’re using), you must click ‘Register A Student Organization’. You are required to complete the form and upload all pertinent information/documents

Remember: The deadline for registration is Friday, May 1st

Please do not hesitate to contact osla [at] desu.edu (OSLA )should you have questions.

Student Health Services

Click Here to see a graduation message from health services! 

A Message From Student Health

Take Care of You!

It’s important to take care of your Health & Wellness during this time.  Below are some tips on keeping yourself on track!

How to Eat Healthy Staying at Home

Health Tips

Tips for Staying Healthy During the Quarantine

Is it Allergies or COVID-19?

Marijuana Usage

During times of increased stress, some people may self-medicate with substances such as Marijuana to alleviate these feelings.  While Marijuana is legal in some states and used for medicinal purposes, Marijuana use comes with real risks that can negatively affect a person’s health and life.  Learn more at https://www.samhsa.gov/marijuana and watch this 60-second video:

How to Make a Cloth Face Covering

The CDC recommends that everyone should wear a cloth face covering when going out into public areas, to help slow the spread of COVID-19. 

Below are links to videos from Nurse Arynn, on how to make a cloth face covering at home by using a Bandana or a T-shirt; and the correct way to wash your hands.

How to make a mask from a bandana.

How to make a mask from a t-shirt.

Proper hand hygiene


Counseling Services

Wellness & Recreation

We Are all in this together!

2020 National Recreation Movement

Delaware State University just joined the 2020 National Recreation Movement!

This movement was created to help the community of students, alumni, university staff and faculty remain positive and healthy. Staying active together, even when we’re apart.

Create an account HERE using your .edu email address and instantly access live and prerecorded workout, fitness and movement classes. After each class, log your total number of active minutes and watch as your school’s total minutes stack up against other participating schools.

As you log your minutes and don’t forget to check the leaderboard! Each week five participating students are rewarded for their engagement in the program with Amazon gift cards. 

So take a class, complete a daily challenge, move in your own way and show everyone how you #RecAtHome on TikTok during these unprecedented times!


ESports Tournament

eSports Tournament

Click here to register!

Corona & Chill (Part 2)

Corona & Chill Snack

Click here to see more answers from other professional staff members and graduate assistants!

Stay IN - Stay Safe Challenge

Hey Hornet! Let’s stay healthy during this time of sheltering in place. If you aren’t under a doctor’s care, we have put together a quick and easy to follow-at-home workout challenge, Stay In – Stay Fit.

We encourage you to participate at least 3 times a week. Check out our social media stories every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday for a free in-home workout. Join us on Wednesday and Saturday to participate in a free virtual workout class led by a certified personal trainer. These workouts do not require any equipment.

If you are permitted, take your workout outside for some fresh air and follow it with a quick walk or jog around your neighborhood. Remember if you are outside please follow all social distancing rules in your area. Don’t forget to post your workout selfie and use #DSUWellRecAtHome because if you don’t post about it then did it really happen? 

Instagram: @DSUWellRec
Facebook: dsuteamwrc

wrc personal training

Spiritual Life

2020 Graduation Prayer 

The Chew with Chaplain Pam

Weekly Check In Wednesday’s At 12 Noon
Instagram Live @DSU_ICM


DATE: 5/13

DATE: 5/8

DATE: 5/6


If you are dealing with food insecurities please reach out to @DSU_FoodPantry on Instagram. Please send us a DM with your name, requests, and phone number and we will be in contact. 


Title IX

Congratulations from the Office of T9

Class of 2020 Graduates

Commencement Quotes


Help Information for Survivors

Tips from the Nine (Title IX)

  1. Sexual Misconduct such as, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault sexual exploitation and inappropriate touching will be adjudicated during this time, through electronic submission.
    • Please be reminded of social distancing, now is not the time to start intimate relationships involving physical touch.
    • If you are involved in a sexual misconduct incident, please notify the police department in your local county.  If you are currently on campus, please contact our police immediately.
    • Residential Life is another valuable trained resource for sexual assault incidents reporting while on campus.
    • File your complaint
  2. Alcohol is considered the number one rape drug.
  3. Consent must be given in word or actions in order to engage in sexual activity. Which is strongly discouraged during this time of social distancing.
  4. Healthy Choices while socially distancing yourself will present a challenge. Learn how to create a virtual relationship that is respectful and mutually agreed upon.
  5. Always, Always, Ask before you Act.

Keep our communities free from Sexual Misconduct and COVID-19. Remember to keep washing your hands.

If you have any questions you may contact csanders [at] desu.edu, be safe!!!

Career Services

A note from the Office of career services

Top 10 Interviewing Tips

FDS Video

Student Employment - Self Care

Office of Career Services Virtual Office

virtual office hours flyer

Housing & Residential Education

Hornets Make it Through:

DHRE Don’t Rush Challenge:

Congrats c/o 2020 from DHRE:

DHRE Social Distance Bunch

The Housing Process - view video that explains everything YOU NEED to know.

Retuning Students - How to Apply


How to Apply



How to Apply

For questions, please call 302.857.6326, or email housing [at] desu.edu

Judicial Affairs

Make wise Choices - A Note from Judicial Affairs

Click here for a Graduation Message to our seniors!

Tips to Stay Safe

Follow us on Instagram: @dsu_judicialaffairs

XFINITY for Off-Campus

TV Go for Live Channels 

TV Go also offers a number of live streaming channels outside of the university on computers or mobile devices. This is not available on Roku. 
If you log into XFINITY On Campus choose “Watch Now” to be sent to the XFINITY Stream Portal, while off your campus network you’ll still have access to watch live content from a number of popular channels like ESPN, AMC, and FX.

At the top of the XFINITY Stream Portal, choose Live TV then All Listings.

In the upper right corner choose Filters then select “TV Go” or “Available Out of Home” and choose Done. You will now see a list of all available live channels for streaming both on AND off your campus network. You can recognize TV Go Channels from regular Live TV by the lighter grey background. Additionally, you can just scroll all the way to the bottom of all the TV listings to see them. 

Xfinity On Campus TV Go Channels

  • Animal Planet HD
  • BBC America HD
  • BET
  • Bravo
  • CNBC
  • CNN
  • Comedy Central
  • C-SPAN
  • C-SPAN2
  • Discovery Channel
  • Disney Channel
  • E!
  • Food Network
  • Fox Business
  • Fox News
  • Free Form HD
  • FS1
  • FX HD
  • FXX HD
  • GOLF
  • GSN HD
  • Hallmark Channel
  • Hallmark Movies
  • and Mysteries
  • HGTV
  • History Channel
  • HLN
  • HSN
  • IDHD
  • Lifetime
  • Lifetime Movie
  • Network
  • MTV
  • MTV Live
  • Music Choice (all
  • channels)
  • National Geographic
  • ONE
  • OWN
  • Oxygen
  • QVC
  • Syfy
  • TBS
  • TCM
  • The Weather
  • Channel
  • TLC
  • TNT HD
  • Travel Channel
  • truTV
  • Universal HD
  • UPHD
  • USA HD
  • Velocity
  • VH1 HD