No-Show Policy

In part, the mission of the office is to prepare students for the global workforce. Therefore, it is imperative that our office establish positive relationships with potential employers and organizations seeking to hire our students and/or admit them to graduate and professional schools. The office hosts several events, programs and opportunities for students to connect with potential employers. In this exchange, it is important for students to also make the best impressions possible while engaging with our hiring partners for several reasons including 1) responsible students encourage employers to continue to visit the campus and make conscientious efforts to hire our students for internships and professional careers, 2) students practice business acumen needed for the workplace, 3) it helps brand our university in a positive way to attract other employers to campus. We must encourage professionalism. Beginning January 1, 2019, the following policies will be enforced:

The office often hosts information sessions, meet-and-greets, lunch-and-learns and speaker events for students to network and connect with employers. Students are invited to RSVP via Handshake, email, Constant Contact platforms and other means. The RSVP’s help with food planning and other resources including staff time. Employers often visit campus based on numbers. Large numbers of participants impress employers and makes good use of their time. Therefore, it is courteous and professional for students to show up for events for which they RSVP. For students who do not show up for events, the Office of Career Services may ban students from Handshake accounts and/or charge $25 to the student’s account. If you cannot make a scheduled event for which you have RSVP’d, please contact the office 24 hours before the event.

The office sources students to employers for off-campus interviews, as well as, schedules on-campus interviews in the career center, other parts of campus, including at career fairs. Not showing up for a scheduled interviews reflects poorly on the students, other students, our office and the University. Missing an interview is never excusable. If a student misses an interview, a letter of apology should be sent to the employer, copying the career center director. A second interview could result in a judicial charge or a financial charge to the student’s account. Students will also be banned from other career services events, including career fairs.

Dr. Bill H. Means, Director Office of Career Services & Student Employment