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Student Employment

The Student Employment Office (SEO) was created to provide a “one stop resource” for Delaware State University students concerning all matters of student employment on the campus of DSU.  We are dedicated to helping students locate jobs on campus and ensuring that students maximize the value of their employment experiences. We believe that having an on campus job helps students become more involved with DSU community, provides valuable work experience, and helps build transferable skills and habits that will benefit future career options. 

The Student Employment Office, an integral part of the Office of Career Services, is based on a philosophy of providing valuable work experience for degree-seeking students through the performance of jobs on or off campus and providing employment venues that assist with financial support to the student’s academic studies. Student employment on or off campus gives students the opportunity for practical experience in the world of work comparable to emerging occupations. Practical work offers knowledge, skills, and abilities attractive to future employers and complements their academic credentials. Financial assistance in the form of on and off campus work should be responsive to the student’s class hours and schedule. However, a student’s financial need should not override relative merit and qualifications when departments make hiring decisions.

Students working for first time on campus must complete the Student Employment Orientation on Blackboard. Students must complete an I-9, present a photo ID and social security card to the SEO office before working. ALL student employees must attend both Fall and Spring career fairs to remain eligible to work on campus at DSU. Fall Career Fair, Thursday, September 20, 2018 and Spring Career Fair, Tuesday, March 21, 2019. 

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Posting and Hiring on Handshake

  1. Departments (Employers) Create a Profile on Handshake
  2. Campus Jobs Are Created by The Departments to Post
  3. Student Employment Office Approves Department Profiles and Job Postings
  4. Students Apply For Jobs Using Resumes on Handshake
  5. Departments Select Students to Interviews
  6. Departments Hire Students Using Handshake
  7. Supervisors Complete Student Employment Form And Scan To studentemployment [at] desu.edu
  8. Financial Aid Receives FWS Student to Process
  9. Students Visit Student Employment Office to Complete I-9 Process And Information For Automatic Deposit And FWS Students Will Visit Financial Aid
  10. Documentation Is Forwarded To Sponsored Programs, Title III, Or Grants, and then Budget/ Payroll by Financial Aid and Student Employment Office
  11. Payroll and Budget Office Approves Students to Work in Handshake
  12. Student Employment will notify Supervisors and Students when they are Eligible to Begin Work
  14. Any Adjustments Made to Student Working Situation Capture on Adjustment Form and Scan to Student Employment Office studentemployment [at] desu.edu