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Residence Hall Information

Each residence hall has a professional and student staff that is responsible for the general welfare of resident students. The staff also aids students in developing individual responsibility and growth in the living-learning environment.

All rooms are assigned for double occupancy, except for those specifically designated for Resident Assistants. Room assignments are made on a first-come, first-serve basis, with preference given to in-state applicants and students in good academic standing. Students on academic suspension at the end of the spring semester will forfeit the privilege of a reserved space in the residence halls.

Residence hall registration periods will be based on the academic calendar. Specific dates and hours will be included in information forwarded to prospective students by the Director of Residence Life. Rooms are furnished by the University with beds, study desks and chairs. Rooms are inspected periodically in accordance with the health and safety standards of the University.

Students must be enrolled at least full time (12 or more undergraduate credit hours or 9 graduate credit hours) per semester in order to live in the University Housing. Dropped courses or failure to attend class (no show) which result in less than full time hours, may result in cancelation of housing contract. The Office of Business and Finance will notify all students who are classified as part time in the residence halls. Students will be required to make necessary schedule adjustments or accounts will be adjusted accordingly.

Students are held responsible for their conduct and that of their guests. Damage to a room or its furnishings through carelessness or neglect is charged to the occupants.


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Traditional Residence Hall Comparison Matrix

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Housing and Residential Education’s Sexual Assault Policy

Sexual harassment includes sexual violence such as rape, sexual battery and sexual coercion; which are all forms of sexual discrimination prohibited by Title IX. These offenses create a hostile environment that is not tolerated on the campus of Delaware State University and is taken very seriously by the University community as we work to keep students safe. The Department of Housing and Residential Education will change a victim’s academic living situation after an alleged sex offense, if such a change is requested by the victim and is reasonably available. For more Title IX information, please visit Sexual Misconduct, Harassment and Sex Discrimination (Title IX).