Message from Student Leaders

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On behalf of the Student Government Association, I extend a warm welcome to Delaware State University! As you initiate the next phase of your education,you will be presented with many opportunities but ultimately the college experience is yours to create. Get involved, join a club, volunteer, and have fun!  College is an unparalleled, once in a lifetime experience. Push yourself to achieve academically and socially. Be ready to Make Your Mark on the World!

Best Wishes!

Shelbe Hudson

Student Government Association President 2012-2013




Welcome to Delaware State University!  It is our hope that your journey will be one that is memorable and with all your hopes and dreams being fulfilled.

As a proud Hornet and member of a diverse community, you will find DSU to your home away from home. Join in on our efforts of academic excellence and social stewardship. 

We appreciate you for selecting Delaware State as your future alma mater.



Eric J. Brown, Jr. - Mr. DSU 

Jamesa McDonald - Miss DSU






This organization shall have as its primary concern the total development of Delaware State University students.  It shall be its purpose to assist students in maturing toward wholesome, worthwhile adjustments to their respective social, cultural, economic, intellectual, political, spiritual, religious, and recreational environments.  It shall also be its purpose to aid in the development of talents, opportunities, and personal adjustments both to other persons and to themselves.

Current SGA Officers

President - Shelbe Hudson -

Vice President - Isaiah McCoy -

Treasurer - Darrell Gray -

Recording Secretary - Mark Smith -

Correspondence Secretary - Adrian Sutton -