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DSU Signs New Accords With Four Chinese Institutions of Higher Ed DSU Acting President Claibourne D. Smith and Dr. Guoji Zhang, chairman of the Council of Hunan University (seated l-r) sign an agreement that expands an existing accord with Hunan University in China. Flanking the university heads are (standing l-r) DSU Provost Harry L. Williams and Dr. Hongxin Jiang, Hunan vice president.

  DSU Signs New Agreements With Four Chinese Universities


June 30, 2009

Delaware State University officials recently concluded a whirlwind trip of China where they expanded DSU’s connections with institutions of higher education in that Far East country.

The DSU delegation—led by acting President Claibourne D. Smith Provost Harry L. Williams—traveled to Asia during the week of June 15 to meet with officials from four Chinese universities. By the end of the trip DSU had expanded two existing agreements, renewed another one and reached a new agreement with another institution.

As a result of the trip, a new formal collaborative agreement was established between DSU and Jilin Business and Technology College. The new accord will facilitate study aboard opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students from both institutions as well as in collaborations professional training and development, and in the academic areas of business, sciences and education.


DSU and Jilin University officials join Dr. Yulin Li, Julin executive vice president, and DSU Acting President Claibourne Smith (seated l-r) after they signed an five-year accord to continue an existing agreement between the two universities. Standing (l-r) and Jilin officials: Dr. Jin Xiaotong, Dr. Pang Guangsheng, Dr. Jin Liping, Dr. Bu Tiejun, Dr. Han Wei,  alongside DSU representatives Dr. Harry L. Williams, Dr. Youngski Kwak, Dr. Rayton Sianjina, Dr. Noureddine Melikechi and Dr. Fengshan Liu.


In addition, new amendments were formally reached to existing agreements with Hunan University and Beijing Sport University that will result in Chinese students studying at DSU for a semester as part of a DSU American Culture Enrichment Program. The Chinese students will take courses in English, American & African American history, economics and international business.
DSU also renewed a five-year agreement with Jilin University for faculty and student exchanges, research collaborations and publication exchange.

Dr. Smith said that all of DSU’s Chinese institutional partners are committed to support and enhance the education value that they give to their students. He added that DSU will benefit from the agreements as well.

“China will continue to be a major economic factor in the world. Smart universities recognize that and will find ways to grow opportunities with those educational institutions there,” Dr. Smith said. “We are engaging with Chinese faculty in the disciplines of science, mathematics and energy conservation as well as exchanging ideas in new areas of knowledge.”

DSU officials that joined Dr. Smith and Dr. Williams on the trip included Dr. Noureddine Melikechi, dean of the DSU College of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Technology, and Dr. Rayton Sianjina, director of Education Graduate Studies, Dr. Fengshan Liu, chair of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Dr. Youngski Kwak, interim dean of the College of Business, and Dr. Li Chen, chair of the Department Sport Sciences.

Dr. Liu, who also is the director of the DSU Applied Mathematics Research Center, said the DSU delegation gained a new understanding about the culture and economy of China.
“After we signed the agreements, there were many students there who expressed interest in coming to DSU,” Dr. Liu said. “Several have already started the paperwork.”