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  Department of Mathematical Sciences

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The mission of the Mathematical Sciences Department are to provide opportunities for students to develop functional competence in mathematics; an appreciation for the contributions of mathematics to science, engineering, business, economics, and the social sciences; and the power of critical thinking. The Department strives to prepare students to pursue graduate study and for careers in teaching, government, and industry.

The Department aims to provide the student with a course of study directed toward an understanding of mathematical theory and its relation to other fields of study. This study includes an emphasis on precision of definition, reasoning to precise conclusions, and an analysis and solution of problems using mathematical principles.

Students who select a major in the Department must complete the general education program which is required of all students. Request more information


Curriculum Options for Majors


The requirements for a major in Mathematics are: MTSC 191,192, 213, 251, 252, 253, 313, 317 or 319, 341, 351, 411, 451, 452, 461, 491, 498, and two Mathematics Elective course can be selected from MTSC-300 or higher level courses, except MTSC-402 & 403. These courses include MTSC 317(S/E) or 319(S/O), 412(S), 431(F), 454(F), 471(S), or 499, and could occur in the Fall or Spring semester of the Senior year.


The requirements for a teaching major in Mathematics are:MTSC 191,192, 203, 213, 241, 251, 252, 253, 313, 341, 402, 403, 411, 491, and one Mathematics Elective course can be selected from MTSC-300 or higher level courses. Students must take and pass PRAXIS Core and apply for admission to the TEP prior to the start of their junior year. Students must pass PRAXIS II prior to student teaching.


To provide an opportunity for students to obtain a minor concentration in mathematics, the Department of Mathematical Sciences offers the following option:

Minor in Mathematics:

Twenty-one (21) hours distributed as follows: Mathematics 251, 252, 253; and nine (9) additional hours selected from Mathematics courses at the 300 level or higher, excluding 403.



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Free Tutoring Resources

The Department offers free mathematics tutoring in the Mathematics Laboratory (ETV 128). 

  • Tutors are responsible students with a 3.3 GPA or higher
  • Tutoring is available for any student who needs assistance in their math courses
  • Session times are flexible to accommodate any student's schedule 
  • Tutoring hours are Mon - Fri with times varying from 9 a.m. - 8 p.m. Check the schedule in the Mathematics Laboratory. 

Contact the Department at ext. 7051 with questions. 

Faculty Profile

Dr. Nicola Edwards 
ETV Rm 108

Dr. Fengshan Liu
ETV Rm 124
Dr. Dawn Lott
ETV Rm 219
Dr. Mazen Shahin
ETV Rm 136
Dr. Xiquan Shi
ETV Rm 112
Associate Professor:
Dr. Nicola Edwards 
ETV Rm 108
Dr. Jinjie Liu
ETV Rm 113
Dr. Rodney McNair
ETV Rm 103

Assistant Professor:
Dr. Delayne Johnson
ETV Rm 114
Dr. Matthew Tanzy
ETV Rm 220
Dr. Onur Yavuz
ETV Rm 222
Ms. Ellen Carr
ETV RM 228
Dr. Laila Girgis
ETV Rm 226
Dr. Yi Ling
ETV Rm 227
Dr. Sharon Smith
ETV Rm 115
Computer Lab Technician:
Mrs. Min Gibson
ETV Rm 126
Senior Secretary:

Ms. Stephanie Acty
ETV Rm 107
Director of Graduate Studies:
Dr. Matthew Tanzy