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Dear new DSU student:

WELCOME to the Department of Biological Sciences at Delaware State University!

We look forward to helping you achieve your career goals by working with you to optimize your college experience and building a strong academic foundation for your future.  During orientation we will provide you with important departmental information and learn about your career goals so that your academic schedule for the upcoming year can be established.  You will be regularly advised by the CMNST Advisement Center and /or a Departmental Faculty Advisor so that your courses are adjusted to complement your career goals, and any curricula changes as you progress through the program.  We regularly provide students with presentations on the exciting opportunities and resources available within Biological Sciences, on the DSU campus, and on professional opportunities external to DSU.

The Department has a commitment to providing all undergraduate students with the scientific knowledge and research opportunities that are essential components of a strong education as you prepare for a professional career.  Our philosophy is to provide the opportunity and support so that each student develops integrative thinking, hands-on operational skills, and the broad-based knowledge needed for success in the global society.  One of the key components of your success will be your own commitment to the academic program and we will encourage you to take full advantage of the opportunities available here at DSU from the very first day.  We utilize a variety of teaching styles ranging from larger lectures in the first year to smaller class sizes with integrated laboratories in advanced courses.  The common focus in all courses is to develop problem-solving and critically thinking through an understanding concepts, fact learning, and interactive discussions.  Our faculty is dedicated to supporting your goals and helping you succeed.

The Department has recently upgraded its curricula into two majors – BS in Forensic Biology and a BS in Biological Sciences.  The BS in Biological Sciences has three tracks: 

  • Health Professions  (typical for Medical, Dental, professional schools)
  • Biomedical Research  (typical for research careers – graduate and professional schools)
  • General Biology  (technical jobs and includes a sub-focus to prepare for teaching high school biology)
This uniquely structured unified curriculum uses a common set of core courses for all curricula that is highly effective for preparing students for varied careers.  The curriculum provides a strengthened set of core course to prepare our students for competitive careers while giving each student the flexibility to either in-depth study (specialize) or a diverse knowledgebase (generalize) as well as an easier transition to another biology curriculum-track if ones career goals change as they progress through college

As the faculty in Biological Sciences have continued to expand their research programs, this allows participation in research projects, the centerpiece of successful scientific careers.  All students are required to do a Capstone research project, and are encouraged to become involved in research projects as early as possible to develop a strong scientific foundation.  A key component of becoming an effective biologist and critical to successful preparation for a career is curricular enhancements.  The Department hosts scientific seminars by outside experts, workshops on learning, a Heath Professions Advising Committee that includes career information, mentoring and tutoring. 

Welcome and best regards,

Charlie Wilson, PhD
Chair, Department of Biological Sciences

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