Master of Business Administration (MBA)

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Program Outline

The total MBA Credit Hours:

  • General MBA: 30 without Foundation Courses, 48 with Foundation Courses
  • MBA with a Concentration: 33 without Foundation Courses, 51 with Foundation Courses

Appropriately-qualified students may petition for a waiver or test out of foundation courses up to a maximum of eighteen (18) credits.  To request a waiver for a course the student must have taken the equivalent course(s) at DSU or another accredited institution with a grade of ‘B’ or better, or take and pass an equivalent CLEP test.

Students seeking additional information on waiving or testing out of a course should contact the MBA Program Coordinator at 302-857-6978.

Foundation Courses (if needed)

18 Credits

Accounting Foundations (MBA 501)

Economics Foundations (MBA 502)

Finance Foundations   (MBA 503)

MIS Foundations (MBA 504)

Marketing Foundations (MBA 505)

Quantitative Methods Foundations (MBA 506)








Required (Core) Courses

24 Credits

Information and Technology Management (MBA 600)

Economics for Managerial Decision-Making (MBA 601)

Marketing Management (MBA 602)

Accounting for Decision Making (MBA 603)

Financial Management (MBA 604)

Organizational Leadership and Behavior (MBA 605)

Operations Analysis and Management (MBA 620)

Applied Strategic Management (Capstone – MBA 616)* 









(*Prerequisite for MBA 616: Completion of all core course requirements)


Elective Courses Required of all students

Two Electives  (Six Credit Hours) required for general MBA

Three Electives from the specific area (Nine Credit Hours) required for a Concentration




Finance Concentration

Financial Statement Analysis (MBA 617)
Investments and Portfolio Management (MBA 641)
Domestic and Global Financial Markets and Institutions (MBA 643)
Economic and Financial Environment of Business (MBA 645)

Information Systems Management Concentration

Strategic Information Systems (MBA 631)
Managing Electronic Commerce (MBA 632)
Topics in Information Systems (MBA 633)
Supply Chain Management (MBA 651)

Business Analytics Concentration

Database Management Systems (MBA 681)
Data Analytics (MBA 682)
Data Mining & Visualization (CSCI 552)

MBA-CPA Concentration

Strategic Information Systems (MBA 631)
Advanced Topics in Financial Accounting (MBA 653)
Review Courses