DSU Training & Technology Center (DTTC)

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Training and Technology Center

The DSU Training and Technology Center powered by Barclays is a state-of-the-art facility that helps to meet the societal needs of closing a technical skill gap that is continuously growing.


DTCC logoBarclays Bank partnered with Delaware State University (DSU) through a grant that enabled the University to renovate the 7th floor of the DSU Living and Learning Commons. This renovation transformed the space into a state-of-the-art Technology Center now named the DSU Training and Technology Center powered by Barclays (DTTC). The newly outfitted DTTC serves multiple purposes. The open concept lends itself toward collaboration while providing pockets of seclusion that will accommodate individual work. The DTTC is geared to host technology focused workshops, company retreats, tailored corporate trainings, and IT certification trainings, as well as student learning sessions.

The center is equipped with:

  • Apple TVs
  • MacBook Pros
  • Galaxy A Tablets
  • 60" Samsung Smart LED HDTVs
  • Configurable Whiteboards
  • Personal Whiteboards
  • Breakout areas configurable with leather couches, chairs, and privacy pods
  • Configurable tables and chairs for collaboration


Technical Skill Development

Software languages, innovative business technologies, and tool suite training.


Community enrichment through technology skill training.


Technology Portfolio Development, networking, resume writing and career search skills.


The DTTC fulfills the requirements that technology’s omnipresent influence on society creates by providing a training environment where the technically influenced future can flourish.

Strategic Goals

The four goals of the DSU Training and Technology Center are:

Goal 1

Create talent for the local job market            

Goal 2

Prepare DTTC participants to find employment.

Goal 3

 Maximize utilization of the DTTC                

Goal 4

 Strengthen and fortify the community