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  Department of Art

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The Department of Art seeks to provide high-quality education for Art majors, as well as to provide courses for the prospective elementary and secondary teachers, while providing courses that satisfy General Education Requirements for the entire University population.

Combining Your Love of Art with a Meaningful Career


If you have always had an interest in the arts but aren’t aware of the career opportunities available to you, the Department of Art will be able to guide you through an education that is not only worthwhile, but most rewarding as well.

Your personal path toward graduation will enable you to pursue a variety of stimulating professions after graduation.  Delaware State University strikes a balance between general academic and major studio-related courses to support intellectual and artistic growth.  In this balance, students are able to seek a variety of courses that offer different career paths.  You will have the opportunity to work with professional artists in an environment that is conducive to high standards of intellectual and creative practice.

Delaware State offers abundant facilities and state-of-the-art equipment for all majors, including studio space.  The department office is located in the Education and Humanities Building, where most of the majors’ classes are held.  All majors utilize fully equipped studios and maintains its own Arts Center/Gallery where students engage in historical and contemporary history classes.  The gallery exhibits the work of students, faculty members and nationally recognized artists, as well as featuring an array of international artifacts.  The gallery also hosts lectures and university and community-based programs in music, theatre and visual art.  Our pursuit of interdisciplinary programs enables students to utilize innumerable facilities throughout the campus for intellectual discourse and creative expression.  Delaware State University’s Department of Art believes that the arts are fundamental components of human civilization.  We believe that if you choose our program and stay on course, you will enter one of the most personally rewarding, life-enhancing professions and work with some of the most dedicated scholars you will ever encounter.



Donald Becker Ed. D. M.F.A


Roberta Tucci, Ed.D, M.F.A

Associate Professors:

Hazel Bradshaw-Beaumont, PhD

Ms. Lori Crawford, M.F.A.

Mr. George Lorio, M.F.A.

Assistant Professor

Mr. William Colbert, M.F.A.

Department Secretary

Inger Lawton