Management Information Systems

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In the business environment of the 21st century, no resource is more valuable than information. It drives strategic planning, personnel decisions, marketing, investment, product development, and nearly every other aspect of an organization. A degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) prepares students for leadership roles in this critical, exciting discipline.

Delaware State’s program is built around interactive assignments that build highly marketable, workplace-ready skills. Students gain first-hand experience working with

  • computer hardware and software

  • networking

  • programming languages

  • specialized software

  • communications software

  • the Internet

Graduates enter the job market with a suite of professional skills and a broad, multidisciplinary understanding of management, organizational behavior, the economy, technology, and global competition.

Professional Preparation

Graduates with a management information systems degree can compete successfully for employment in positions such as software designer, network analyst, programmer, database administrator, and research specialist.

The three-course Professional Development sequence, required of all majors in the College of Business, provides career enrichment and preparation. Spread out across the sophomore, junior, and senior years, it cultivates success-oriented attitudes, behaviors, and habits of mind. Students develop specific skills such as

  • public speaking and presentations

  • writing

  • networking

  • time management

  • negotiation

  • dressing for success

  • teamwork and leadership

Most program courses meet in the Bank of America building, a professional learning environment that features multimedia classrooms, seminar rooms, distance-learning capabilities, and state-of-the-art computer facilities.


Diversity is a major strength for the Delaware State business faculty. We call our department the “mini-United Nations,” because our professors come from six different countries. Faculty are heavily involved in research and actively publish their findings in leading journals in their respective fields.

They also are well connected professionals who use their networks and personal experience to guide students in their career development. Delaware State instructors offer a lot of individual attention and mentorship, including guidance in the job market.

Research and Experience

All students in the College of Business gather first-hand observations and experience by completing as a management exposure experience (MEE), a 200-hour internship or mentoring relationship.

In addition, all College of Business students can take part in programs sponsored by the Delaware Center for Enterprise Development, headquartered right on the DSU campus.