Flight Training Fees

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Flight Training Fees 2014-2015

Lab - Airplane 2016-2017 Fees*
AVIA-102L  Private Pilot Lab $7,353
AVIA-103L  Instrument Rating Lab $7,605
AVIA-201L  Commercial I Lab $9,586
AVIA-202L  Commercial II Lab $4,982
AVIA-307L  Commercial III Lab $5,914
AVIA-401L  CFI-Airplane Lab $4,958
AVIA-431L  CFI-Instrument Lab $3,255
AVIA-361L  Multi-Engine Lab $6,319
AVIA-471L  Multi-Engine Instructor Lab** $8,291
**Multi-Engine Instructor is not required to complete the degree.  

*Flight lab fees are in addition to the cost of tuition.