Equine Business Management

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Delaware State University’s Equine Business Management degree provides outstanding preparation for a broad range of careers. Equine Business Management majors get an advanced education in the science of Agricultural production as well as the business principles behind it, coupled with courses that apply specifically to the equine industry.

The program is built around direct, practical experience. Majors have access to Delaware State’s on-campus farms and animal operations, gaining real-world knowledge that translates directly to the workplace. They have an opportunity to put business management fundamentals into practice, including

  • equine farm management
  • accounting and finance
  • macroeconomics
  • marketing
  • sales
  • personnel management

As a land-grant institution, Delaware State has been at the forefront of agricultural education, research, and science for more than 100 years. There is no better place to get an equine business management degree.

Professional Preparation

Graduates of Delaware State’s equine business management degree program will have the tools to be successful in the job market. Because the program emphasizes experiential learning, students build up their resumes and develop professional contacts. Equine Business Management graduates go into careers such as

  • equine farm management
  • equine marketing, sales, and distribution
  • equine research and product development
  • equine production
  • equine training facility management

About 15 percent of our graduates continue to graduate school.


Faculty members in the College of Agriculture and Related Sciences combine a strong academic background with extensive industry ties and professional experience. As a result, they can offer career guidance and mentorship as well as classroom instruction. Many of our instructors are very active researchers, and they regularly provide undergraduates with opportunities to get involved in scientific investigations and research projects. Our small class sizes guarantee a high degree of direct faculty-student interaction.

Research and Experience

Delaware State’s research and extension programs provide various forms of support to the wider agricultural community, including research, training, education, and public outreach. These programs provide equine business management majors with valuable opportunities to collaborate with industry professionals and research projects. Undergraduates also enjoy opportunities to get involved in faculty-sponsored research programs.

All students in the equine business management program perform a senior capstone project in sustainable agriculture. In this project, students perform a real-world agricultural analysis that integrates factors such as

  • profit potential
  • environmental impacts
  • technological inputs
  • labor requirements