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DTCC Dual Admission

Delaware Tech Students - Earn your bachelor’s degree at DSU through our Dual Admission program!

Delaware Technical Community College (DTCC) students can earn their bachelor’s degree at Delaware State University through the Dual Admission program. The program gives DTCC graduates the opportunity to make a smooth transition to a bachelor’s degree program. A list of Connected Degree programs may be obtained from your DTCC advisor or counselor, or by visiting the DTCC website.

Interested in Dual Admission? The program offers many benefits:

  • Admission to DSU while you are completing your associate degree provided you comply with the conditions.
  • Academic advisement and University information at meetings provided by your Connected Degree bachelor’s degree program during the fall and spring semesters at each DTCC campus.
  • Priority pre-registration in DSU courses for your first semester after DTCC graduation.
  • Locked-in bachelor’s degree requirements for the specific Connected Degree program in effect at the time you enter the Dual Admission program.
  • Guaranteed placement in University residence halls if desired provided you comply with established residence policy and application procedures.

Dual Admission Eligibility

If you are enrolled in a Delaware Tech—DSU Connected Degree program, you will be conditionally admitted into the University and the designated bachelor’s program provided you:

  1. Sign a non-binding, Intent-to-Enroll form any time after enrolling in the Delaware Tech Connected Degree program and before attaining 30 college credits at Delaware Tech or another college or university.
  2. Complete the Delaware Tech associate degree with a minimum GPA of 2.5.
  3. Do not attend another institution between the time you graduate from Delaware Tech and formally enroll at the University.
  4. Formally enroll in the University within one year of Delaware Tech associate degree completion.
  5. Complete other regular University admissions requirements in compliance with the Connected Degree agreement and established by the University. These include informing your DSU advisor in your last semester at Delaware Tech of your planned date of enrolling at DSU and filling out a short form. You must do this by January 31st if your final semester is spring or September 15th if your final semester is fall.
  6. Comply with the appropriate enrollment deadlines determined by the University. Financial aid forms must be submitted by February 28th for the fall semester and October 1st for the spring semester. If you wish to live on campus, the application form and deposit must be received by March 30th for the fall semester and November 1st for the spring semester. You must arrange for Delaware Tech to send your transcript within one week after your graduation. Be sure to send it to DSU Admissions Office, Attn: Dual Admissions.

You will be ineligible for Dual Admission, and the benefits that stem from this program, if you:

  1. Fail to complete the associate degree portion of the Delaware Tech/University Connected Degree program.
  2. Fail to adhere to the provisions of the Connected Degree program or the provisions of this agreement.
  3. Withdraw in writing your Intent-to-Enroll.

If you are ineligible for Dual Admission and desire University admission, you may apply for admission under the University’s regular transfer admissions process.

Scholarships Available to DTCC Graduates

Students from Delaware Technical and Community College who are transferring to Delaware State University will be eligible for a $1,000 scholarship. To qualify for the scholarship, the transferring students must have completed an associate degree with at least a 2.5 grade point average and must enroll at DSU with at least a 12-credit hour course schedule.

The scholarship complements the Dual Admission process that allows students who meet the above criteria to be automatically enrolled as juniors at DSU into a Connected Degree program. However, the scholarship is also available to other Delaware Tech students who are not a part of that specific program.

For more information, contact the admissions [at] desu.edu (DSU Office of Admissions) at 302.857.6351.

Once Accepted to the University

After acceptance to the University, each student is required to complete the following enrollment steps:

  • Attend New Student Orientation.
  • Submit a complete ‘Student Health Form” which includes health history, immunization record (including dates for MMR#1, MMR#2 & PPD), and a recent physical examination signed by a current medical provider. International students must also present proof of health insurance prior to enrolling. 
  • Submit a final official high school transcript, which reflects graduation, to the Office of Admissions by the University’s published deadline. Upon evaluation of the final high school transcript, the Admissions Committee may rescind admission for students who have not successfully completed the University’s Minimum Course Unit Requirements or whose GPA falls below a 2.0 cumulatively.
  • Continue to demonstrate a record of exemplary personal conduct.