Tutorial Center

Our mission is to provide students with a holistic approach to tutorial sessions rather than a “quick fix – just give me the answer” session.  Tutors work with students to reinforce class concepts utilizing multiple learning strategies and applying study/note-taking skills and test-taking strategies.

The Tutorial Center offers sessions in a variety of courses: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Spanish, French, Psychology, Business, etc.  All students are encouraged to utilize the Center where tutors facilitate the reinforcement of concepts in a small-group setting.  Students become more confident in their learning; as a result are more apt to contribute to class discussions and ultimately, transfer the knowledge when seeking professional opportunities.
Tutors are highly qualified; they have successfully taken the courses, been recommended by faculty, and meet the minimum GPA requirement.  Tutors attend training and professional development workshops throughout the semesters so as to improve and keep abreast of tutoring best practices.

Students who attend tutorial sessions can expect:

  • Tutors to be prepared with engaging activities to reinforce the concepts.
  • To learn from your peers:  one-to-one or small groups.
  • To develop effective study skills strategies and to prepare for tests.

Students who attend tutorial sessions should:

  • Arrive at tutorial appointments on time.
  • Bring textbook, notebook, class notes, handouts, pen/pencil.
  • Come prepared: make a true attempt at assignments - read course material, outline topics, and highlight specific questions. 
  • Have a positive attitude -  learn what to learn while learning how to learn

The next step: 

  • To schedule an appointment, click on the “Schedule An Appointment” link found on this page or stop by our Center, William C. Jason Library, Room 206.


  • Study-Skills and Test-Taking Strategies Workshops

Full-service Computer Labs are available in the Writing Studio and Tutorial Center, located in the William C. Jason Library Rooms 205 and 206. These labs provide the latest computer technology at Delaware State University. The labs feature ample seating for students who need to study as a group or individually.