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Majors and Advisors


College of Humanities, Education, and Social Sciences
Major Advisor Advisor Contact Info

Art, English, Music

Criminal Justice (New Freshmen with last names

starting with H-Z, and continuing students)

Dr. Raymond Lee

Email:  rlee [at] desu.edu
Phone:  302.857.6837

Education, Art Education, Music Education

Ms. Charmaine Whyte

Email:  cwhyte [at] desu.edu
Phone:  302.857.7142

Mass Communications Ms. Gloria Knowles Email:  gknowles [at] desu.edu
Phone:  302.857.6334

History, Political Science, Sociology

Criminal Justice (New Freshmen with

last names starting with A-G)

Ms. Dianne Bogle Email:  dbogle [at] desu.edu
Phone:  302.857.7252


College of Business
Major Advisor Advisor Contact Info

Hospitality Tourism, Management

Mrs. Tamekca Faria-Frisby

Email:  tfaria [at] desu.edu
Phone:  302.857.6907

Aviation Management (students with

last name starting with S-Z)

Mr. Brian Passerell 

Email:  bpasserell [at] desu.edu
Phone:  302.857.6943

Sports Management Mrs. Janet McCrea

Email:  jmccrea [at] desu.edu
Phone:  302.857.6904

Accounting, Economics, Finance & Banking

Management (students with last names

starting with L-R) 

Mrs. Jewel Hopkins Email:  jfhopkins [at] desu.edu
Phone:  302.857.6958
Sports Management (Sophomores)
Ms. Dianne Bogle Email:  dbogle [at] desu.edu
Phone:  302.857.7252


College of Health and Behavioral Sciences
Major Advisor Advisor Contact Info

Nursing (all new Freshmen)

Mrs. Michele Rush                                      

Email:  mrush [at] desu.edu
Phone:  302.857.6742


Dr. Cindy Seto-Friel

Email:  cfriel [at] desu.edu
Phone:  302.857.7840

Public & Allied Health

Ms. Tiffany Alexander Email:  talexander [at] desu.edu
Phone:  302.857.7646
Nursing (continuing students) Mr. Kevin Noriega (temporary) Email:  kenoriega [at] desu.edu
Phone:  302.857.6188
Social Work Ms. Anna Cortese (temporary) Email:  acortese [at] desu.edu
Phone:  302.857.6387



College of Agriculture, Science and Technology
Major Advisor Advisor Contact Info

Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, 

Engineering/Physics, Mathematics

Dr. Marcel Poe


Mr. Travis Sudler (temporary)


Email:  mpoe [at] desu.edu
Phone:  302.857.7984

Email:  tsudler [at] desu.edu
Phone:  302.857.3672

Agriculture, Natural Sciences, Textiles & Apparel Dr. Lee Hawkins Email:  lhawkins [at] desu.edu
Phone:  302.857.7726