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Majors and Advisors


College of Humanities, Education, and Social Sciences
Major Advisor Advisor Contact Info

English, Music, History, Political Science

Dr. Raymond Lee

Email:  rlee [at] desu.edu
Phone:  302.857.6837

(Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education,
Middle-Level Education and Physical Education)

Ms. Charmaine Whyte

Email:  cwhyte [at] desu.edu
Phone:  302.857.7142

Mass Communications, Art Ms. Gloria Knowles Email:  gknowles [at] desu.edu
Phone:  302.857.6334
Criminal Justice, Sociology Mr. Kimeu Boynton Email:  kboynton [at] desu.edu
Phone:  302.857.6536
Mass Communications Ms. Diane Bogle Email:  dbogle [at] desu.edu
Phone:  302.857.7252


College of Business
Major Advisor Advisor Contact Info

Hospitality Tourism, Management

Ms. Tamekca Faria-Frisby

Email:  tfaria [at] desu.edu
Phone:  302.857.6907

Aviation Management

Mr. Brian Passerell

Email:  bpasserell [at] desu.edu
Phone:  302.857.6943

Sports Management Ms. Janet McCrea

Email:  jmccrea [at] desu.edu
Phone:  302.857.6904

Accounting, Economics,
Finance and Banking
Ms. Jewel Hopkins Email:  jfhopkins [at] desu.edu
Phone:  302.857.6958
Sports Management
General Management
Ms. Diane Bogle Email:  dbogle [at] desu.edu
Phone:  302.857.7252


College of Health and Behavioral Sciences
Major Advisor Advisor Contact Info


Ms. Michele Rush                                      

Email:  mrush [at] desu.edu
Phone:  302.857.6742


Dr. Cindy Seto-Friel

Email:  cfriel [at] desu.edu
Phone:  302.857.7840

Public Health

Ms. Tiffany Alexander Email:  talexander [at] desu.edu
Phone:  302.857.7646
Social Work and
Ms. Dawn Follin

Email:  dfollin [at] desu.edu
Phone:  302.857.6385

Ms. Schentel Jones Email:  sporter [at] desu.edu
Phone:  302.857.7862



College of Agriculture, Science and Technology
Major Advisor Advisor Contact Info

Biological Sciences
Computer and Informational Sciences
Mathematical Sciences
Physics and Engineering

Dr. Marcel Poe

Ms. Joena Henry

Ms. Faith Woodard

Email:  mpoe [at] desu.edu
Phone:  302.857.7984

Email:  jhenry [at] desu.edu
Phone:  302.857.6561

Email:  fwoodard [at] desu.edu
Phone:  302.857.7853

Agriculture and Human Ecology Dr. Lee Hawkins Email:  lhawkins [at] desu.edu
Phone:  302.857.7726

Human Ecology
Food & Nutritional Science

Ms. Tiffany Alexander

Email:  talexander [at] desu.edu
Phone:  302.857.7646