International Students Association

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International Students Association

  The International Students Association is dedicated to satisfying the needs of international students while at DSU. The organization comprises of hardworking, devoted and serious students putting their best efforts to good use. Our association has been created for the benefit of any international student and we extend our welcome to all so we as international students may learn from citizens of this country. This is an open invitation for all international students to join the association. Please come for the fellowship at meetings and participate in fun activities or talk with fellow members. The most important thing is to be recognized as an international student.

The goals of the ISA are to:

  • Create a positive atmosphere for international students to interact intellectually and socially to enjoy
      their stay at Delaware State University.
  • Develop a culture of collegiality among all students.
  • Harness our multicultural strength to help our institution and its members make a positive contribution
       to national and international development.

Membership fee: $10 per year


  Dr. Ladji Sacko
Foreign Language Dept
Education and Humanities Bldg, Rm 228


President: Khadija Tall
(267) 210-6692
Vice President: Eliezer Ayettey
Corresponding Secretary: Orirat Badru
Recording Secretary/ Public Relations Director: Jervane Orr
Treasurer: Yemi Kolawole
Historian: Darryl Green
Event Coordinator: Joy Balogun
Mr. ISA: Awele Olisemeka
Mrs. ISA: Kelechi Onwudiwe