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COVID Commencement FAQs

Am I allowed to wear a face shield in place of a mask?
No, a face shield does not replace a mask, you can wear both if you like. 

I am fully vaccinated; will I need to wear a mask?
Yes, you are still required to wear a mask, although the risk is low you can still get COVID-19 and potentially spread the virus to others.  New CDC guidelines regarding mask use of fully vaccinated people, still recommends masks use at large outdoor gatherings.

Do I need to provide a negative COVID-19 test if I am fully vaccinated?
Yes, we are doing surveillance testing on all individuals, including asymptomatic and vaccinated students and their guests.  Although the risk is low you can still get COVID-19 and potentially spread the virus to others. 

I received a rapid COVID-19 test, can I send those results in?
No, we are not accepting rapid test results, they are not as sensitive for detecting infection as the standard nasal or saliva PCR tests.  Labs results must have your full name, date the test was taken, and the results must be clearly legible on the form.  No handwritten notes will be accepted.

If I am currently in Isolation or quarantine will I be able to attend the commencement ceremony?
Yes, if you are cleared by Campus Health Services.  All students who are currently in isolation or quarantine will need clearance from Campus Health Services to attend commencement. 

I was told by campus health services not to test for 90 days, will I still be permitted to attend commencement since I will not have a negative test result?
Yes, the campus health staff is aware of all previous positive individuals and will give approval on a case by case basis.  Contact the staff at 302-857-6393 for individual questions or concerns.

Is my guest allowed to bring their baby?
Yes, but the baby, counts as one of the guest tickets.

Will I be allowed onto campus if I bring my negative test result with me?
No, the test result must be submitted and uploaded by May 6th to the Spring 2021 Commencement Campus Access & Clearance Form, which can be found here: https://forms.office.com/r/m4txSZghia
  Account name: covidresults [at] desu.edu
  Password: Graduation21$​

To prevent the risk and reduce the spread of COVID-19, continue to wear mask, physical distance, practice good hand hygiene, and get vaccinated.