Renewable Energy Education Center

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Renewable Energy Education

Bringing renewable energy education and training to the masses of Delaware.

 A Word from the Project Manager

Delaware State University’s Renewable Energy Education program was started the summer of 2016 from a grant through Delmarva Power.  The mission is to enhance the education and training capacity of the University and to provide the general public with renewable energy literacy and training.  The Center is located on the DSU campus in the Luna I. Mishoe Science Center, North.

The goals of the Center are to bring renewable energy to the masses of Delaware, improve the infrastructure and capacity of renewable energy education, research and extension, to establish a University wide Renewable Energy Education Center, and offer certificate programs, as well as, credentialing services in renewable energy.

I welcome you to visit the Center in room 239.


According to the Solar Foundation, there were 260,077 solar workers in America in 2016, a 25% increase over a single year.

  • In Delaware, there were 363 solar jobs during the same period. The state ranks 34th in state ranking for solar jobs per capita.
  • Enough solar power is produced in the state to power 11,358 homes.
  • There are 38 solar companies locally.
  • The state has a target to have 25% of electricity come from Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) by 2026.
  • Solar jobs in 2016 by county:
    • New Castle County - 237
    • Sussex County - 81
    • Kent County - 44
  • Delaware ranks 14th for average electricity price (highest to lowest).

Short-Term Energy Outlook Renewable and Carbon Dioxide Emissions

U.S. Renewables Consumption
quadrillion Btu
  2013 2014 2015 E 2016 P
Hydroelectric power 2.562 2.469 2.257 2.415
Geothermal 0.214 0.222 .0226 0.236
Solar 0.305 0.427 0.522 0.624
Wind 1.96 1.729 1.765 2.042
Wood biomass 2.17 2.214 2.041 1.98
Ethanol 1.09 1.107 1.141 1.144
Biodiesel 0.205 0.198 0.222 0.261
Waste biomass 0.496 0.488 0.494 0.502
Total 9.349 9.603 9.432 9.97

U.S. Renewable Consumption