Celebrating Our Faculty


“Beyond the Classroom: Developing Hands On- Laboratory Module to Improve Teaching of Introduction to Food Science” - Dr. Alberta Ayree, Assistant Professor, Human Ecology
CTL Dr. Alberta Ayree



“Advanced Academic Literacy Modules” - Dr. Brody Bluemel, Assistant Professor, Department of English and Foreign Languages

CTL Dr. Brody Bluemel

“Using Virtual Reality Laboratory to Enhance General Chemistry Teaching” - Dr. Weiping Song, Lecturer and Dr. Kimberly Milligan, Visiting Professor, Department of Chemistry

CTL Dr. Weiping SongCTL Dr. Kimberly Milligan

“Enhancing Teacher Candidate Knowledge of Differentiated Instruction in Increase Competency in Task 3: Designing Instruction for Student Learning on the Praxis Performance Assessment for Teachers (PPAT)” - Dr. Crystal Timmons, Associate Professor, Department of Education

CTL Dr. Crystal Timmons

*** Additional information will be forth coming regarding the 14th Annual Mini-Grant Competition (applications will be due Spring 2019).