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Daily Crime Log

Date/Time OccurredCase #LocationClassificationNarrativeDisposition
10/16/20181:15pmS4-18-000873Mishoe Science Center Larceny A student reported that money was unlawfully removed from her wallet.Pending
10/16/201812:00pmS4-18-000875MLK Larceny A student reported that his wallet was unlawfully removed from the building.Pending
10/15/201810:20pmS4-18-000870CampusDrug Abuse Violations A small amount of marijuana was discovered during a traffic stop.Administrative Sanction
10/15/20181:38amS4-18-000867CampusDrug Abuse Violations A student was found in possession of marijuana.Administrative Sanction
10/13/20189:57pmS4-18-000864Warren Franklin Liquor Law Violations A student under the legal drinking age was found to be in possession of alcohol.Administrative Sanction
10/13/20182:01amS4-18-000862UCY Bldg. 2 Trespassing, Drug Abuse ViolationA nonstudent who had previously issued a Notice of Trespass was observed on University property in possession of marijuana.Cleared by Arrest
10/12/20183:20pmS4-18-000860Village Café Harassment, Disorderly ConductA University employee reported that he was threatened by another employee.Administrative Sanction
10/12/201812:35pmS4-18-000859Wellness Center Larceny A student reported that her wallet was unlawfully removed from the building.Pending
10/11/201811:25pmS4-18-000853CampusDrug Abuse Violations The odor of marijuana was detected in the vicinity of several students.Exceptionally Clear/Prosecution Declined
10/11/201812:50pmS4-18-000856L L Commons Disorderly ConductTwo students were engaged in a verbal altercation in an attempt to incite physical violence.Exceptionally Clear/Prosecution Declined