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Daily Crime Log

Date/Time OccurredCase #LocationClassificationNarrativeDisposition
10/06/201711:00amS4-17-000567UV3 Larceny A student reported that money was unlawfully withdrawn from her bank account.Cleared by Arrest
10/04/20171:46pmS4-17-000561Parking Lot 1Domestic Violence (Verbal) Two students were engaged in a verbal altercation.Service Clear
10/04/20171:35pmS4-17-000562L L Commons Larceny A student reported that his bicycle was unlawfully removed from the exterior of the building.Pending
10/03/20174:49pmS4-17-000560Jenkins Hall Drug Abuse Violations The odor of marijuana was detected coming from a dorm room.Administrative Sanction
10/02/20173:18pmS4-17-000557MLK Larceny An employee reported that University property was unlawfully removed during an event.Pending
10/02/20172:00pm00784-2017Tubman Hall Simple AssaultTwo females were engaged in a verbal dispute which led one female to push the other.Service Clear
10/02/201711:45amS4-17-000555Campus- near Warren FranklinCriminal Mischief A female reported intentional damage to her vehicle.Pending
10/01/20177:30pmS4-17-000554Campus- near Welcome CenterHarassmentA student reported that he was taunted by a group of individuals in a vehicle as he exited campus.Pending
09/29/20172:35pm00765-2017Warren Franklin Larceny A student reported that an article of clothing was unlawfully removed from his room.Service Clear
09/29/201712:06pmS4-17-000548CampusHarassmentTwo students were engaged in communicating with each other via social media in attempts to provoke a fight.Administrative Sanction