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Daily Crime Log

Date/Time OccurredCase #LocationClassificationNarrativeDisposition
04/11/20189:05pmS4-18-000266CampusDisorderly Conduct, Public IntoxicationA nonstudent was issued a Notice of Trespass following an incident of reckless driving and disorderly conduct. Another student present on the scene was being disorderly while under the influence of alcohol.Administrative Sanction
04/11/20184:10pmS4-18-000264Lot 8Disorderly ConductAn individual affiliated with the University became disorderly and began yelling after being issued a parking citation.Administrative Sanction
04/10/201810:17pmS4-18-000262Jenkins Hall TrespassingA student reported that an unknown individual unlawfully gained access to her dorm room.Pending
04/10/20184:42pmS4-18-000261CampusHarassmentA professor reported that he was being harassed by a student.Administrative Sanction
04/10/20184:30pmS4-18-000259CampusDisorderly ConductA student became disorderly during a traffic stop and subsequently went on to cause alarm to additional University employees.Administrative Sanction
04/10/201810:22amS4-18-000258UCY Bldg. 4 TrespassingA former student who had previously been issued a Notice of Trespass was discovered on University property.Cleared by Arrest
04/09/201812:54pmS4-18-000257Parking Lot 1Domestic Violence (Verbal) Two students who were previously engaged in a relationship were involved in a verbal altercation.Service Clear
04/09/20183:49amS4-18-000256Parking Lot 1Criminal Mischief A student reported intentional damage to her vehicle.Cleared by Arrest
04/08/20182:43amS4-18-000254CampusLiquor Law Violations, Disorderly ConductA student under the legal drinking age was in possession of alcohol and being disorderly.Administrative Sanction
04/08/20182:00am00319-2018Evers Hall Liquor Law Violations Several students under the legal drinking age appeared to be under the influence of alcohol.Service Clear